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Why is there so much fear surrounding meditation?

We fear what we don’t understand, this is true. We also fear that which we know but have not explored. So many parts of us have not been examined and as a tool for consciousness, nothing consistently, in every session comes close to an “examination radar” as meditation, though yoga, breath work, and intense workouts certainly have their place.

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As an athlete growing up the emphasis was always on the physical body. I knew the importance of keeping a clear head and stay focused on the game but somehow our western society misses the essence of mental health.

We are quick to reach for prescriptions to help with attention deficit instead of training the mind like we would for a marathon.

Live Optimally, 

Aasiyah Baig

Yogi, Writer, and Chief Happiness Officer at Upgraded Formulas

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Taking a hair sample is quick and easy but since we get a lot of questions from people that are considering the test but have concerns that can be easily alleviated, and if you haven't seen it already here is the video explaining why everyone benefits from the test, and why it is such an incredible value for understanding your health.


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Tissue mineral analysis, aka TMA of hair provides a window into how your body is doing, specifically the most recent 3 months despite how short or long your hair is (hair can be sampled from the scalp, pubic region, or underarms.

So why is hair such a good measurement of how your body is doing? Read this post to find out why!

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Ever think about why there diabetes is clearly on the rise?

Sometimes it seems like sugar is all around us!

Do you have children that are overweight at an early age, or are you yourself struggling with gaining weight easily?

Unfortunately, you may be already feeling the early effects of diabetes. 

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