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Often I am asked: "What is the most important mineral in the body?"

My response: Reductive questions are easy to think about but do not help when your goal is like that of ours at Upgraded Formulas, namely to Live Optimally.

That being said, magnesium, if properly absorbed has to be one of the most important minerals you can take daily. 

Why is it so important and how do I know if I have enough?

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Do As Japan Does, Not As I Say....

So why does the question of how much iodine to take result in discussion of the small island of Japan? 

Well, for a couple of reasons...

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Iodine deficiency and hypothyroidism go together like peanut butter and jelly - but in a bad way... and the results don't taste great. Here is an iodine / low thyroid symptom list that is often felt by people who are low in iodine and consequently in a state of low, or hypothyroid activity.

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So minerals are more important than vitamins? But most minerals are not absorbed? How is it that these minerals absorb so effectively and the ones I am taking do not?

How does a hair analysis help me identify this? How is any of this going to help me? How can I use this knowledge to live a happier, healthier life?

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Thyroid Optimization can only be achieved by following certain rules of the body, and by giving the thyroid gland the nutrients that it needs to produce thyroid hormones like T3, the active thyroid hormone, and T4, the inactive thyroid hormone. These hormones are basically made from iodine, zinc, selenium, and copper.

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