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Upgraded Potassium *New Size* (8oz, 4oz)

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Upgraded Formulas Nano Potassium

Boost Your Adrenal Health, Increase Hydration And Avoid Muscle Cramps.

Unique Proprietary Absorption Method
99.99% Absorption Rate
Maximum Bioavailability

Upgraded Potassium absorbs in your body at a rate of 99.9% without digestion due to our proprietary Nano Particle Technology.

This powerful combination of higher absorption rates and not needing to be digested means you can start feeling the benefits within minutes.

This is why Upgraded Potassium will help you:

  • Erase fatigue and exhaustion
  • Fall asleep in minutes and stay asleep through the night
  • Avoid painful muscle cramps throughout the day and night
  • Consistently boost energy levels
  • Improve mood and sense of well being
  • Increase Bone strength and muscle health

Here is how Upgraded Potassium can change your life:

Imagine waking up from a night of refreshing undisturbed sleep with zero painful muscle cramps zapping you awake in the middle of the night.

You have natural all day energy and after lunch you didn’t have the typical energy crash that sends you running to the coffee pot.

Throughout the day you’re able to focus for longer without any brain fog and find yourself in a better mood.

After work when you hit the gym you feel strong and don’t need to worry about stopping your workout because of any muscle cramps.

As you wrap up the day it’s easy to wind down and fall into deep sleep without any tossing or turning.


The Science

This issue with mineral supplements is they absorb in the body at a rate of 4-20% because the mineral particles are too big for your cells to use.

We solved this problem by creating a proprietary Nano Particle Technology that shrinks the particles of minerals so they can be absorbed at a rate of 99.9%.

Not only that, due to the small particle size of Upgraded Minerals they don’t need to be digested and can be absorbed in seconds.

We have the only minerals available today that are absorbed at a rate of 99.9% within seconds so you can feel the benefits quickly. 


How do I Take Upgraded Potassium?
Dilute each serving with a few ounces of water or enough for your flavor preference. You can also mix with your favorite beverages, smoothies, or shakes. If you feel any discomfort, you can take it prior to a meal.

What is Stabilized Nano Potassium Chloride ?
Our stabilized nano potassium chloride is a highly bioavailable form of the mineral. It is more absorbable than any other form of potassium and supports all tissues in the body, including the brain since in nano form it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. No other form of potassium can say this.

When is the best time to take Upgraded Magnesium?
Dilute each serving with a few ounces of water in the morning, before workouts and an hour before bed for adrenal support, increased hydration and to prevent muscle cramps.

Can I take Upgraded Potassium on an empty stomach?
Yes, dilute each serving with a few ounces of water. If you feel any discomfort, you can take it prior to a meal.


100 Day Guarantee

To make sure you’re even more confident in your decision just know that you’re 100% protected with a 100 Day Full Refund Guarantee.

That means you can test out Upgraded Memory for a full 100 days to make sure it delivers on what we promise.

If you’re not 100% satisfied simply shoot us an email and we’ll put every penny back in your hand with zero hassle or headaches. 

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Elizabeth F.
United States United States

Good product

Tastes pretty harmless since I hate bare electrolytes in water. Throw some lemon in that water and you have a yummy drink to sip during afternoon conference calls. I seem to be doing better managing my weight and I am not even a month in using it. I will keep taking notes of any positive changes, but I know sometimes these things take time and appear subtly over a period of months.

Marietta R.
United States United States


This company makes the best products ever. I feel so much better and could tell a difference after taking this for two days

Jennifer B.
United States United States

Help with nerve issues

I’m really impressed by how quickly my body absorbs this and how much better I feel after taking it!


Upgraded Formulas

Thank you Jennifer!

Rebecca S.
United States United States

Little flavor, easy to take!

I didn't know what I was missing until I starting taking this! Greatly helping with what I now know were potassium deficiencies. Only a month into trying to rebalance mineral levels, so I can't say for certain, but I can tell you that I actually notice a difference on the days I don't take my usual dose. Excited to see my results in a few months.


Upgraded Formulas

We are so happy to hear this. Thank you.

Rebecca H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Upgraded Potassium !!

I love the Upgraded Potassium. I've been taking it for a week now with the Magnesium and my energy levels have increased ten fold. I'm exercising again, sleeping well, and waking up with a burst of energy. I've noticed that I don't get leg cramps and that after exercising my muscles aren't as sore. I also noticed that I'm not retaining water, the way I was in the past. The most physical noticeable difference was in the lack of facial swelling that I would get after workouts, now my body and face don't puff up the way they used to! Really great product, highly recommend purchasing and pairing it with the Upgraded Magnesium!


Upgraded Formulas

Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing with us. We are so happy for you!

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