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Upgraded Boron
Upgraded Boron
Upgraded Boron
Upgraded Boron
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Upgraded Boron

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*** Upgraded Boron ***

The micromineral Boron is considered by many to be the best-kept secret in the world of minerals because of the diverse and vitally important roles it plays in hormones, energy and focus. 

Without enough Boron people experience extreme energy crashes combined with a loss of focus, productivity and decreased levels of testosterone too. 

Boron deficiency can contribute to mood swings, low libido, symptoms of depression and a general lack of motivation. 

Crazy to think a lesser known mineral like Boron could contribute to so many different health problems, and vital functions in the body.

But, here’s where things get really interesting with Boron: 

Adequate Boron levels boost testosterone production, improve memory and focus while supporting energy levels and reducing fatigue.

On top of all that, Boron helps with reducing inflammation and preventing heavy metal toxicity in the body that can lead to a host of health issues with digestion, cognitive function and sleep.

The fascinating part about Boron is that it doesn’t just play a role in testosterone, but also in how the body uses estrogen and Vitamin D as well. 

Unfortunately, it’s easier than ever to be deficient in Boron because our food is severely depleted in Boron. 

However, the good news is…

At Upgraded Formulas we have a form of Boron that is 95%-99% absorbable and is the highest quality Boron on the market. 

Our Upgraded Boron At A Glance…

  • Boosts memory, gets rid of fatigue, and supports testosterone production.

  • Helps to lower inflammation, improves bone health, and aids in the absorption of magnesium and calcium.

  • Packed with the most absorbable form of minerals on the market.

  • 100% natural, organic, keto, gluten-free and vegan.

  • No preservatives, fillers or artificial flavors are ever used.

  • Higher quality Boron so you can absorb more while taking less.

  • Percentage of all profits to go Charity Water.

What Are The Common Signs Of A Boron Deficiency?

  • Low libido in men and a general lack of motivation due to lower testosterone.

  • Easily distracted and lacking mental alertness.

  • Not being able to focus and feeling scatter brained.

  • Bone pain and poor bone health.

  • Having more “grey days” assoicaited with mood issues.

  • Higher levels of inflammation in the body that can lead to pain or irritation.

  • Issues associated with lower levels of magnesium and calcium like muscle cramps, adrenal issues and nerve and muscle function.

  • Lower Vitamin D levels which are associated with mood, weight loss, muscle building and overall hormonal health.

Never worry about running out of Upgraded Boron when you need it most. 

Get 15% off your Upgraded Boron every month with the Subscribe and Save monthly program. 

What makes Upgraded Boron Different ?

  • FAST ACTING RELIEF AND RESULTS: Every other Boron mineral available is too large to be absorbed and used in the body. Not only that but most companies use inferior quality minerals with nasty fillers, and artificial flavorings. 

  • Every serving of Upgraded Boron has been optimized to be absorbed and provide faster acting results so you have all-day energy and focus, and feel the vitality and mood boosts from hormonal optimization.

  • SAME DOSE BUT BETTER RESULTS: Our Upgraded Boron is packed with our proprietary Nano Particle Minerals that are the highest quality and most absorbable minerals there are on the market.

    That means if you want to experience more consistent daily energy and have better focus and memory while experiencing more vitality with a better mood and more motivation then taking Upgraded Boron is a good idea.

  • STABILIZED NANO MINERALS: The stabilized Nano Particle Mineral technology means that you will absorb 95%-99% of Upgraded Boron which means even at smaller doses Upgraded Boron is more effective than higher doses of other minerals on the market. 

    Whether you’re looking for a boost in energy, focus and memory or feeling the vitality from increased testosterone then Upgraded Boron can help you do all this and more.

  • This product is designed for the person who’s health-conscious and tired of all the nasty fillers, artificial flavors and stabilizers that so many companies use and sell.

    Upgraded Boron is as close to mother nature as you can get today. We’ve even taken that same all-natural stance with the bottles we use at Upgraded too.We only use recyclable bottles without harsh chemicals so your health is protected by what's in the bottle, and by the bottle we use itself too. 

  • 100 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products come with a 100-day money-back guarantee on them because we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your product. If you’re not, just shoot us an email and we’ll make sure every penny we exchanged is sent back to you as soon as possible.
  • GIVING BACK TO  A CHARITY: Every purchase you make with Upgraded allows us to donate a portion of that money to Charity Water which provides clean and sustainable water to millions of people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water on a daily basis.

  • With every purchase at Upgraded you’re upgrading your own life, but also upgrading other humans lives who don’t have access to clean water to drink and bathe in.

    Upgraded Quality Promise

    Our products don’t have any flavors, colors, or artificial preservatives, just pure, mineral goodness. We are so confident about our quality that we offer a 100-day money-back guarantee.

    Our Mission And What We Stand For

    We believe in doing what works. Upgraded Formulas was founded to provide the most actionable testing insights, consultations that provide a clear roadmap to your goals, and high-quality supplements available on earth

    Our goal is to give you the power of your health back into your hands where it belongs. We do this through education in the consultations we offer, which are as affordable as we can make them so that everyone can participate.
    As it turns out, when you optimize mind and body, living the fullest, most Upgraded version of life becomes not only possible but an eventual reality for many people who consistently follow our program of testing and optimizing.

    We also support charitywater.org with the amazing work they do through every purchase you make - Because clean, renewable water is a natural human right and the most important root-cause gift we can give. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Question: How do I take Upgraded Boron?”

    Answer: We recommend drinking 8-16 oz of water with your Upgraded Boron since it’s a liquid that comes in a dropper and diluting it in water helps. If you feel any discomfort you can take prior to a meal or snack to help. 

    Question: “Can I take Upgraded Boron on an empty stomach?”

    Answer: Yes, we recommend you take Upgraded Boron with 8-16 oz of water, however if you do notice any discomfort we recommend taking it 15-20 minutes prior to a meal or even with a meal to help relieve discomfort. 

    Question: What is Nano Hydrogen Borate that’s on the product label?”

    Answer: Our Nano Hydrogen Boron is a highly bioavailable form of the mineral. It is more absorbable than other types on the market.  Nano Hydrogen Boron is in nanoparticle form enabling maximum bioavailability and measurable absorption.

    Question: “Are your products Keto, Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic?”

    Answer: Yes, we’ve ensured that our products don’t contain the common allergens and have gone to great lengths to make sure our product can fit in with anyone’s dietary restrictions or needs whether keto, vegan, gluten free or organic. 

    Question: “What is a Nano Mineral, and what does it do?”

    Answer: Every mineral on the market (except ours) is too large for the human body to fully absorb and use in the body. We solved that absorption and particle size with problem our patented Nano Particle technology.

    A Nano Particle Mineral is a mineral that’s been shrunk so the body can absorb the mineral without digestion and get quicker results. Other minerals are absorbed at a rate of 5%-20% but Nano Particle Minerals are absorbed at a rate of 95%-99%. We’re the only company in the world that uses this technology with minerals. 

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