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Stacie came to me a couple years ago. She struggled with chronic fatigue - for years now, the better part of a decade actually. She felt like she was at the end of her rope. 

She was also concerned about how she had began to age faster. 

I explained something to her that she still quotes back to me now:

"Aging and fatigue are related." and "Chronic fatigue prematurely ages you." In fact, it is premature aging. 

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This is one of the least understood areas that hold people back in their health and life.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if there might be a consequence to taking a large dose of a single vitamin or mineral, say 100 mg of the vitamin B6 every day or 5000 mg of Vitamin C, or 1000 mg of the mineral magnesium, or even taking the RDA of calcium every day, but not getting enough of other minerals that balance calcium such as the electrolytes potassium, magnesium, and sodium?

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HAIR ANALYSIS RESULTS REVIEWED LIVE  LISTEN TO A LIVE DISCUSSION OF A HAIR ANALYSIS - THE KETO SAVAGE PODCAST WITH ROBERT SIKES AND BARTON SCOTT  LISTEN TO A LIVE DISCUSSION OF A HAIR ANALYSIS WITH COACH TARA LISTEN TO A LIVE DISCUSSION OF A HAIR ANALYSIS WITH KRISSTINA WISE  The FIT2FAT2Fit Experience with Drew Manning Podcasts on the BENEFITS of Overcoming Mineral Deficiency Start Yourself On A Lifetime of Unlimited Physical Energy and Amazing Sleep Why Mineral Absorption is Kind of a Big Deal with Coach Tara Garrison on the Inside Out Health Podcast  Listen here to Episode 004 with BARTON...

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Taking a hair sample is quick and easy but since we get a lot of questions from people that are considering the test but have concerns that can be easily alleviated, and if you haven't seen it already here is the video explaining why everyone benefits from the test, and why it is such an incredible value for understanding your health.


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