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who can do hair tetsing

Preparing Your Hair For An HTMA

When submitting a hair sample for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), it's crucial to adhere to specific guidelines to ensure your sample is suitable for testing. The quantity of hair required, the proper hair-washing technique, and the acceptable hair types for the hair analysis test need to be clarified. This article aims to clarify these points and guide you through the preparation process for an accurate and reliable HTMA result.

Does Hair Analysis Really Work And How Reliable Are They

Hair analysis offers an accurate, convenient, and cost-effective way to uncover valuable information about health. By providing test results from analytical research labs, a hair test can identify potential issues related to a mineral imbalance that might otherwise go unnoticed under more traditional forms of testing. Detailed insights into both macro and trace elements in the body, it gives us a more comprehensive understanding of how we can best maintain our health. Additionally, detecting toxins and nutritional deficiencies, it provides us with an opportunity to actively work towards improving our state of well-being while also reducing our risk of disease.

Can Children Do Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

We would like to think our children are immune to getting sick because they're so vibrant, innocent and have built re...
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