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Can Lithium Help Children With Bipolar Disorder?

Lithium often conjures images of heavy-duty batteries or prescription medications, certainly not as a health supplement one might readily give to the pediatric population. But beneath this utilitarian facade lies a surprisingly gentle giant in health and wellness—perfectly safe in reasonable doses and incredibly beneficial for cognitive and physiological functions, especially when early intervention is considered. Proving its value beyond psychiatric care, lithium is pivotal for neurological health, mood stabilization, and even detoxification.

When Is A Good Time To Use Upgraded Trace Minerals?

Did you know putting trace mineral drops in your water can help your body stay healthy? It does a lot more than just add minerals into spotless water. That's right! Our Upgraded Trace Mineral drops give you essential tiny minerals that our bodies need a little bit of. Still, they're necessary to keep our bodies working as a daily supplement. These essential minerals, also known as trace minerals, are vital for maintaining overall health and are divided into significant minerals and small amounts of trace minerals. 

How Do You Get Lead Toxicity?

Despite stringent regulations and increased awareness of its hazards, lead remains a pervasive toxic threat in the modern world. Efforts to reduce lead exposure have been significant, yet the element's presence persists across various industries and products, underlining the ongoing challenge of mitigating its risks.

Raising Calcium Levels On An HTMA

Let's delve into the complex world of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), which is far more intricate than merely i...

Mineral Rich Foods For Thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving all over again, but this time you want to make it nutrient dense!Sure it's great to indulge in some...
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