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Our Story

Barton Scott's Story & The Becoming of Upgraded Formulas from Upgraded Formulas on Vimeo.

Our story at Upgraded Formulas, began with Barton Scott, our founder, a Chemical Engineer who had been lucky to enjoy a constantly sharp mind up to this point in his life.

However, this began to shift rapidly in the other direction, and and he began suffering more and more extreme levels of brain fog, memory loss and mental fatigue.

How could this be, especially at an early age?

He was only in his mid twenties then, and to make matters so much worse, a massive hole opened in his life at the same time, when without warning, he lost someone very close to him to an aneurysm.

It was preventable, he knew. And this burned at him.

There’s nothing quite like watching one of the people you love the most die because no one, including you, could help her.

THAT is a motivating force of extreme magnitude, and that is the main reason why Upgraded Formulas exists today, in it's present form after hundreds of iterations.


This loss catapulted him into action. There were so many factors at play - the realization that life didn't go on forever, the helplessness he felt when her health had started to decline, and the fear and inability to help the surgeries had caused.  

This pain only led him to redoubling his efforts in health - maybe for himself, maybe to avoid the pain of losing someone else he cared so much about to health conditions he knew deep down in his gut were both preventable and reversible, maybe because he didn't want others to feel the same pain and helplessness that comes when those we love die so young. 

After undergoing a barrage of testing and a frantic scramble for his own health and sanity through a dizzying array of dozens, if not hundreds of supplements and herbs, and diet and lifestyle interventions, nothing was really working. Nothing really moved the needle.

Faced with looming health issues and the strong possibility he would lose his job as an engineer, this was the turning point. This was the point when he decided that he must somehow solve the problem himself using his background as both a chemical engineer, and nutritionist.

He had always had a strong will, and had accepted many hard challenges, but this was life's wake up call. He had to go deeper, and he knew it.

He also knew these problems were not going away and for most people they just got worse and worse until they finally gave up and got on medication to relieve the symptoms, neglecting the real problem at its source. Completely unacceptable.

More years of reading and research lead to a discovery and he came to realize, that a key area of his nutrition was utterly failing him.

It was minerals. Not vitamins, but minerals. After spending thousands on testing and supplements, he landed on a test that was finally actionable enough to offer insights. 

This test, and a conversation of how it worked and what it showed became the first real progress he had achieved. The results, however showed that he was taking many of the things he was low in. 

This was shocking. He already knew the right brands and the supposed dosages. He already had been dutifully taking them for two years he estimated. Another terrible reality began to set in. 

The issue was clear to him. It centered around low rates of absorption. 

As a Chemical Engineer, one thing he knew incredibly well was absorption - what effected it, how to improve it, and how to take an industrial process and improve it. In fact, this is what people like him got paid to solve for companies. 

Barton grew more and more frustrated with how mineral supplements lacked effectiveness and the ability to absorb fully into the body, rendering most products very ineffective. 

He set out to fix the problem, using his background in Chemical Engineering and his experience as a nutritionist.

Through research, he realized if you can get mineral particles small enough to absorb into cells, that would be a big part of the winning formula for effectiveness.

Here he applied chemical engineering process principles to minerals, along with his knowledge of thermodynamics, heat transfer, mathematics, nutrition, fluid mechanics, and organic chemistry to develop a solution that makes the minerals Upgraded Formulas offers today incredibly effective - roughly five times better than the next closest brand with each and every batch 3rd party tested and produced in an FDA-inspected facility.In addition, the at-home hair mineral analysis testing we offer that identifies mineral deficiencies and is a tool which verifies the products work well, assuming they are used consistently.

The products and testing have become an effective love letter to anyone who is struggling with their health, or simply want to take their performance to a new level.

We are focused on identifying and optimizing nutrient deficiencies with this new category of supplementation called Stabilized Nano Minerals and intelligent at-home testing focused on supporting healthy life span, smooth focus, deep sleep quality, anti-aging benefits, and a sense of newness and rejuvenation.  

We use “The best that science has to offer" to create supplements that actually do what they say they do to help you “Live Optimally.” 

It's the guide-star along with our "Test, Don't Guess" mentality. 

It has been said by many that our test and consultation package is an absolute game-changer.

It's ideal for determining your heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies – together this bundle of testing, consultations, and effective supplementation provides support for you to live a healthier, happier, more productive life.

Our supplements are absorbed into the body’s cells quickly due to their particle size and our proprietary stability mechanisms and they largely bypass digestion for a massive improvement in absorption over regular liquids, pills and powders, which means so much more effectiveness for you despite smaller doses.

This is a new approach. It is very exciting. 

We have accomplished this while keeping our products free of all fillers, and artificial colors common in products that can make you feel tired or sluggish, instead of happy, clear-headed and energized.

Additionally, Upgraded Formulas gives back to CHARITY WATER because we believe that clean water is something we all should have. 

We believe in helping powerful missions which is why we donate a portion of our profits from sales here on the website to funding clean, accessible water.

At Upgraded Formulas, we believe in doing our part and in making great products and individualized testing for you and those you care about and solving root cause problems throughout the world. Join us in this mission.

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