• Magnesium deficiency (also known as hypomagnesemia) is not nearly as well known as calcium or vitamin deficiencies, but it is just as rough on your body. What’s even more worrying is that at least 57% of the population is deficient in magnesium [1]. In fact, more and more people aren’t getting en... View Post
  • Iodine 101: Am I getting enough Iodine?

    Most households in the United States keep iodized salt in their pantries as a cooking staple. So naturally we think salt means iodine, but that’s a misconception. We also think (mistakenly) that this is enough iodine to cover our bases. It is fairly uncommon in the United States and in Canada ... View Post
  • Biohack Your Sleep: How to Do Sleep "Right", The Savvy Approach

    How much sleep should I really be getting? How much sleep do men need? How much sleep do women need? Do naps count as sleep time? What about disco napping, does it really work? How to nap during the day and not feel groggy? Yes, it's true you are probably sleep deficient.

    Live Optimally, 

    Barton Scott 

    Nutritionist, Napping Aficionado and Founder of Upgraded Formulas

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