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Why Upgraded?

What's Included In The Hair Test Kit?

- Step by Step Instructions

- Hair Collection Envelope

- Quick Questionnaire

- Prepaid Shipping Label

- 100% Recycled Shipper

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Take Away The Guesswork

At-Home Hair Test Kit. Say goodbye to painful blood draws. Our test results provide exactly what your body needs to optimize your health.

What To Expect From Test Results?

- Fast. Accurate. Actionable.

- Key Mineral Status

- Heavy Metal Toxicity Levels

- Current State of Metabolism

- Consultation from Certified Professionals

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Solving All Your Health Problems: How Nutrition Becomes Habit and Personality and What To Do About It

The Missing Foundational Piece to Your Health

Blog posts

Can This Organic Sweetener Be A Source of Arsenic?

Lots of people are trying to eat healthier these days. They choose natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, and fruit instead of artificial ones. However, even when a product is labeled as "organic," it might not always be the safest option if we are unaware of its origins or what it contains. In the United States, concerns have been raised about the levels of arsenic, especially inorganic arsenic compounds, which can be found in certain organic products.

Can Manganese Prevent Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a severe medical condition that can happen to women who are pregnant. It usually starts after 20 weeks of pregnancy and can range from mild to severe. It causes high blood pressure and can also harm organs like the liver and kidneys, potentially leading to liver damage and brain injury. If it's not treated, preeclampsia can be dangerous for both the mom and the baby, causing severe complications such as organ damage and even death. 

Can Copper Help With Fat Loss?

Copper is a pretty cool metal not just for making pennies but also helps our body do important things. You might know that copper is good for helping control our body's iron and creating energy in tiny parts called mitochondria. But guess what? Scientists have discovered that copper can also help us burn fat, including red blood cells, which might play a role in iron metabolism and plasma copper levels and help people lose weight. Additionally, copper has been linked to regulating body temperature, making it an essential mineral for maintaining a healthy low body temperature.
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