Nano Minerals And Living Optimally - Hear From Our Founder



  • "I have introduced Upgraded Formulas Nano Magnesium to many family members, friends, colleagues, and patients. Many have reported benefits in their sleep, muscle cramping, and mood. Even the nurses at my hospital have taken it and been happy with the changes they have noticed. Due to the great results, this supplement is now part of our formulary at my hospital where we focus on rehabilitation."
    - Dr. Nelson Valena, Nexus Neurorecovery Center
  • "My daughter says Upgraded Magnesium the only thing that helps her sleep at night."
    - Gary Roberto
  • "I've suffered from adrenal fatigue [low magnesium, sodium, potassium] for many years, to the point it's been debilitating for me... I've been reading a lot of info, specifically about magnesium deficiency and how we, as Americans, suffer from it without even knowing... I'm telling you, I have had three of the best night's sleep in I don't even know how long. I've taken this [Upgraded Nano Magnesium that is] for the past 3 nights, and will continue to. My deep sleep and REM sleep have been horrible for quite some time. "
    - Kelly McGary
  • I am a retired cardiology nurse and can not stress the importance of sleep enough, and how it effects our well being. Sleep effects our ability to heal properly, function clearly, lose the weight, and have overall good health. I have struggled with sleep deprivation and a very busy lifestyle for years and when a very trusted friend introduced me to this brand and to the Liquid Nano Minerals Magnesium... my anxiety about the amount of sleep I get nightly has diminished. Like most with insomnia, you focus on the hours and minutes, which is all part of the game we play in our heads and has a huge factor on the lack of sleep we actually get nightly. I am open to trying new things, especially ones that don't require a monthly prescription. My method to taking the magnesium was... I am going to try this openly, and document my findings. The first 3 nights I fell asleep and stayed asleep for 6 hours straight, but I was also factoring in that I was totally exhausted from nights before. So, I decided to document the time I consumed the magnesium and count how many minutes it took to fall asleep.... and I can Honestly say, "I am still waiting to be awake long enough to jot down the minutes from consumption - deep sleep." I have no idea how long it takes, because every night I take it, I am out so quickly after I lie down and wake up with my time slot blank. Thank you Barton for creating such a life changing product. I can honestly say... "It WORKS!"
    - Marlo Williams, Retired cardiology nurse