Take The Guesswork Out of Supplementation

Staying on top of mineral deficiency is fundamental to gaining control over your health.

"Upgraded Formulas is an Absolute Game Changer"

I've suffered from adrenal fatigue for many years, to the point it's been debilitating for me.

I've been reading a lot of info, specifically about magnesium deficiency and how we, as Americans, suffer from it without even knowing.

I'm telling you, I have had three of the best night's sleep in I don't even know how long. I've taken this for the past 3 nights, and will continue to. My deep sleep and REM sleep have been horrible for quite some time. I have proof from my sleep tracker of the difference if you're interested.

-Kelly McGary


"I have introduced the Upgraded Magnesium to many family members, friends, colleagues, and patients.

Many have reported benefits in their sleep, muscle cramping, and mood.

Even the nurses at my hospital have taken it and been happy with the results.

Due to the great feedback, this supplement is now part of our formulary at my hospital where we focus on rehabilitation."

Dr. Nelson Valena, Nexus Neurorecovery Center

"Keeps your sugar cravings down, especially during intermittent fasting

I started taking every morning on an empty stomach.

Love the fact there's no taste whatsoever.

Very happy with this product and is easy to take."

Rehan Refai, Austin, Texas

"Exactly what I needed to make a change

I bought the Hair Test Kit and Hair Analysis Consultation.

During the consultation one of the the major takeaways was that my kidneys were stressed and needed to address the problem.

This test and consultation package is a helpful way to survey your health and make changes with supplements that you know you need and that are absorbed instantly.

Today I feel sure of where of where I stand with my health."

Pat Wedge, Retired Gymnastics Coach

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