• Biohack Your Sleep: How to Do Sleep "Right", The Savvy Approach

    How much sleep should I really be getting? How much sleep do men need? How much sleep do women need? Do naps count as sleep time? What about disco napping, does it really work? How to nap during the day and not feel groggy? Yes, it's true you are probably sleep deficient.

    Live Optimally, 

    Barton Scott 

    Nutritionist, Napping Aficionado and Founder of Upgraded Formulas

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  • Why is Hair Testing Better Than Blood Testing For Metabolism, Minerals, & Heavy Metals?

    Tissue mineral analysis, aka TMA of hair provides a window into how your body is doing, specifically the most recent 3 months despite how short or long your hair is (hair can be sampled from the scalp, pubic region, or underarms.

    So why is hair such a good measurement of how your body is doing? Read this post to find out why!

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  • How to Defeat The Sugar Boogeyman: 11 Tools To Prevent or Reverse Diabetes

    Ever think about why there diabetes is clearly on the rise?

    Sometimes it seems like sugar is all around us!

    Do you have children that are overweight at an early age, or are you yourself struggling with gaining weight easily?

    Unfortunately, you may be already feeling the early effects of diabetes. 

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