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Can Iron Feed Parasites?

Anemia or low iron might seem puzzling if you eat right or take iron supplements. But guess what? Sometimes, tiny creatures called parasites are the actual troublemakers. Imagine having uninvited guests who just take and never give back! That's what parasites do. They live in or on another living thing and take their food, space, or, in this case, iron without helping out in return. Some are tiny bugs you can't see without a microscope, while others might be giant worms. These parasites can travel into our bodies and cause many problems, making us feel sick or tired because they use our essential nutrients like iron, specifically hemoglobin.

Can Zinc Be Protective Against H.Pylori?

There's a tiny world of different living things deep inside our stomachs. One of these, Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori for short, may be small but can cause big problems. H. pylori is a germ that can hurt your stomach and cause other problems. Doctors and scientists are very interested in it because it's not just a common stomach bug; it can make some people sick.

Can Copper Help To Increase Women's Libido?

Ladies, we all understand the uncomfortable feeling of vaginal dryness when we are dry "down there." Although creams and lotions can offer some relief, it might be a good idea to explore the underlying causes of this issue to address why this is happening in the first place. Sometimes, experiencing a low sex drive can be due to a variety of factors. But let's delve into some critical reasons affecting sexual desire first before jumping into any solutions.

Can Lithium Help Children With Bipolar Disorder?

Lithium often conjures images of heavy-duty batteries or prescription medications, certainly not as a health supplement one might readily give to the pediatric population. But beneath this utilitarian facade lies a surprisingly gentle giant in health and wellness—perfectly safe in reasonable doses and incredibly beneficial for cognitive and physiological functions, especially when early intervention is considered. Proving its value beyond psychiatric care, lithium is pivotal for neurological health, mood stabilization, and even detoxification.

When Is A Good Time To Use Upgraded Trace Minerals?

Did you know putting trace mineral drops in your water can help your body stay healthy? It does a lot more than just add minerals into spotless water. That's right! Our Upgraded Trace Mineral drops give you essential tiny minerals that our bodies need a little bit of. Still, they're necessary to keep our bodies working as a daily supplement. These essential minerals, also known as trace minerals, are vital for maintaining overall health and are divided into significant minerals and small amounts of trace minerals. 

Can Zinc Help With Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is often associated with your adrenal glands feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope due to chronic stress. This lingering state of exhaustion is not just regular tiredness; it's a persistent feeling of being worn out that can be a sign of a more serious medical condition known as adrenal insufficiency. In this condition, your adrenal glands have been pumping out extra cortisol for so long that they’ve become exhausted, leading to extreme fatigue and other symptoms.

Can Zinc Shorten The Common Cold?

Nobody likes catching a cold. It's not usually severe, but it sure is annoying. When we get a stuffy nose, begin to cough, or have a sore throat, we often rush to our medicine box to find something to feel better quickly.

Can This Organic Sweetener Be A Source of Arsenic?

Lots of people are trying to eat healthier these days. They choose natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, and fruit instead of artificial ones. However, even when a product is labeled as "organic," it might not always be the safest option if we are unaware of its origins or what it contains. In the United States, concerns have been raised about the levels of arsenic, especially inorganic arsenic compounds, which can be found in certain organic products.

Can Manganese Prevent Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a severe medical condition that can happen to women who are pregnant. It usually starts after 20 weeks of pregnancy and can range from mild to severe. It causes high blood pressure and can also harm organs like the liver and kidneys, potentially leading to liver damage and brain injury. If it's not treated, preeclampsia can be dangerous for both the mom and the baby, causing severe complications such as organ damage and even death. 

Can Copper Help With Fat Loss?

Copper is a pretty cool metal not just for making pennies but also helps our body do important things. You might know that copper is good for helping control our body's iron and creating energy in tiny parts called mitochondria. But guess what? Scientists have discovered that copper can also help us burn fat, including red blood cells, which might play a role in iron metabolism and plasma copper levels and help people lose weight. Additionally, copper has been linked to regulating body temperature, making it an essential mineral for maintaining a healthy low body temperature.

How Can Sweating Improve Detox?

Your skin is like a superhero suit for your body! It’s the most significant organ you have and does many critical jobs to keep you safe and healthy. It guards you against germs and yucky stuff in the air, helps control your body heat, lets you feel things, and even enables you to eliminate body waste through sweat. When sunlight hits your skin, your skin also helps make a particular vitamin, vitamin D, which is essential for solid bones and staying healthy.

How Upgraded Metabolism Can Help You Lose Weight?

When we hear the word "metabolism," many think it's about how easily we can lose weight. But metabolism is all about how our bodies use and save energy. If our bodies are good at using the power we've stored up, it helps us lose weight more quickly. Being able to save up a lot of energy is also essential. It keeps us warm and tells our bodies to use less energy when cold outside. We don't hibernate like bears, but our bodies still slow down in the winter due to slower metabolism and hormone levels. 
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