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How to Defeat The Sugar Boogeyman: 11 Tools To Prevent or Reverse Diabetes

How to Defeat The Sugar Boogeyman: 11 Tools To Prevent or Reverse Diabetes

Ever think about why there diabetes is clearly on the rise?

For the answer, just look to what we are shoving in our faces - frankly, it's surprising that it isn't more out of hand than it is.

Sometimes it seems like sugar is all around us!

Do you have children that are overweight at an early age, or are you yourself struggling with gaining weight easily?

Unfortunately, you may be already feeling the early effects of diabetes. 

Type 2 is what we are referring to for the purposes of this article, although type 1 diabetes suffers will also benefit from these tools (if this is you, please consider starting with a hair analysis + consultation combo like the ones we offer on the site to dial in other nutrients that can be optimized for you personally), simply to a lesser extent than that of type 1 since your number of insulin receptor sites is not changeable.

First off, housekeeping, Type 2 diabetes and high blood sugar have been described as a preventable epidemic, this is widely accepted as fact.

Why is that, especially if your doctor or some other authority says something different? 

Well, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance and high blood sugar are all reversible (Big sigh of relief, right?) and since you were not born with this issue, there is likely a lot you can personally do to change it, however the treatment may not be a magic pill for your ill. 

Instead, it is wise to use a nutritional regimen that targets the problem head on and fixes the problem at its source.

Example: If your shoulder is dislocated, is any amount of drug prescribed going to get that joint functioning normally again, or do you have to bite the bullet and put it back in place? 

You guessed it, and since insulin and blood sugar operate in close connection with levels of key minerals and vitamins in the body, this is a place we can work from.

Just like anything worthwhile, you need tools to achieve this- oh and not all tools are created equal. 

Did you know that the consumption of sugar has gone up 7 times per person per year since the 1950s?

Did you know that the consumption of corn syrup has gone up more than 12 times per person?

This is not good for health or health care since it leads to billions of dollars worth of medical expense and many diseases resulting from pH issues - the good news though?

It is fixable. 

So, on the topic of insulin:

a. Since sugar and refined carbs cause systemic inflammation, this impairs the body's own natural ability to have insulin do its job. 

b. Exercise.... Exercise makes you more insulin-sensitive (which is very good thing). 

There are several things to think about adding to your diet. When possible use a highly absorbable form of each like the ones we have developed:

1. Chromium - at least 200 mcg

2. Vanadium - at least 200 mcg

3. Manganese - 2 mg per day 

4. Zinc - 2 mg or more per day, up to 14 mg

5. Vitamin C - 1 - 3 mg per day

6. Vitamin B6 - Up to, but not more than 50 mg per day for several days per week.

Note: Some people have severe deficiency with this vitamin. 

7. Polyphenols - Think dark leafy organic veggies on this one. 30 mg is a good target. Coffee is also a good source of polyphenols. 

8. Vitamin B2 - 1 mg per day 

9. Vitamin E - up to 200 IU per day most days but not more. 

10. Folic Acid - 50mg per day minimum 

11. B1 - 0.8 mg per day minimum

Bonus tip 1: Reduce sugar (and completely eliminate high fructose corn syrup) intake as much as possible, especially early in the day to improve focus.

Bonus tip 2: Fasting 12 hours from dinner to breakfast and occasionally skipping breakfast is great but work closely with a nutritionist or Functional medicine doctor on this one. 

Did you find this helpful?

Have you tried Upgraded Glucose Support or found out what your mineral deficiencies look like

Doing so is a great way to save money and stop taking supplements that you do not need. 

To your health!

Live Optimally, 

Barton Scott, Nutritionist, Founder, Mad Scientist @ Upgraded Formulas


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