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Do You Have Bathroom Problems? Magnesium That Doesn’t Cause Diarrhea and Other Important Topics

Do You Have Bathroom Problems? Magnesium That Doesn’t Cause Diarrhea and Other Important Topics

Okay. I'll level with you. It’s a common question. If you are reading this and aren't an adorable baby, you're going to want to avoid pooping yourself in public, yet if you're a health-conscious adult you probably also know how important an incredible night of sleep is. 

Most people I talk to ask me: Ok, I hear that Upgraded Magnesium helps with sleep and headaches and lots of other things, but (and then they usually lower their voice, and whisper, But does it cause, you know, the runs? For fun, I say, "the runs?" And they respond with, "Yes, you know, diarrhea, does your magnesium cause diarrhea?"

I smile. “No.” I say, "It doesn’t. “Why is that?” they say.

I reply that because of the method I developed as an engineer, our process produces magnesium that gets fully absorbed and that it is a simple lack of absorption that makes other magnesium products so successful as producing the “OH MY GOD, I GOTTA GO NOW, RIGHT NOW!!” sort of effects.

It’s also the same reason why you hear of people taking such large doses of magnesium and still not sleeping well, still having headaches, cramps, fatigue, poor focus, severe PMS symptoms, bloating, skin issues, trouble relaxing or low-level stress, off-balance nutrient absorption and unbalanced blood pH and about 30 other symptoms.

You can appreciate this if you have ever had what some people refer to as “disaster pants” – a funny name for a wholly avoidable problem.

Picture this: You’ve made it to the airport and are waiting in line for security when the urge to go – to sprint really, descends upon you – which is a pretty terrible way to start that vacation to Hawaii you’ve been thinking about for nearly 5 months.

If this sounds personal, it is. It happened to one of my best friends just recently. The reason: She wanted to sleep well before her early flight the next morning here in Austin, Texas. Suffice it say she now uses Upgraded Magnesium and both sleeps well, keeps stress at bay,  and enjoys her vacation without ruining her favorite white jeans!


To your health,

 - Barton Scott, Chemist, Nutritionist, Founder of Upgraded Formulas and avid traveler obsessed with avoiding “disaster pants”

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