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Upgraded Formulas Magnesium Clinical Trial Results

Magnesium: Upgraded Formulas Double Blind Clinical Trial Results

Upgraded Formulas Magnesium Double Blind Clinical Trial Results


At Upgraded Formulas, we don't just offer supplements; we provide innovative solutions for wellness and vitality. Rooted in rigorous scientific research and commitment to quality, our products are designed to transform and enhance lives.

Every supplement we produce is a testament to our unwavering belief in the remarkable efficacy of our formulations.

Our offerings are not just unique – they are forward-thinking and pioneering. We grasp the essence of breakthrough science and couple it with our passion for health, formulating products that are simply unparalleled.

Every bottle contains a promise - the promise of advanced nourishment that allows you to thrive, proving that our products are not just different but revolutionary in dietary supplementation.

Upgraded Formulas does more than deliver vitamins and minerals; we embody a quantum leap in health optimization.

The Double Blind Clinical Trial

This study deployed a multifaceted approach to assess the impact of Upgraded Magnesium on the sleep patterns and overall well-being of the participants.

It relied on a blend of self-reported evaluations and objective measures facilitated by wearable technology. Two notable tools guided our self-assessment approach: the Perceived Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and the Profile of Mood States (POMS).

These allowed participants to gauge various aspects of their sleep and mood, respectively. The PSQI covered perceived sleep quality, sleep latency (i.e., the time spent falling asleep), daytime dysfunction, and magnesium intake.

This offered insights into aspects like difficulty staying awake during daytime activities like driving, attending social events, or remaining motivated to complete tasks.

Selection Criteria and Methodology

As for the POMS, it assisted participants in putting into perspective their feelings of tension, anger, and depression, along with a general assessment of their mood.

To further assess restfulness, we leveraged the Restorative Sleep Questionnaire.

Here, participants evaluated their level of alertness upon rising, a critical indicator of well-restedness.

In parallel, participants were armed with wearable technology such as the Oura Ring. These devices provided quantitative data on various parameters - sleep duration, nocturnal awakenings, periods of light sleep, and overall sleep efficiency.

The utility of the Oura Ring even extended to physical activity. Monitoring activity levels measured how effectively participants avoided prolonged inertia (like sitting or standing still), tracked any changes in inactive minutes throughout the day, and evaluated the average Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) level - a measure of energy expenditure.

By integrating both personal reflections and quantifiable measurements, this study strove for an all-encompassing understanding of the impact of the Upgraded Magnesium supplementation on the quality of sleep and overall well-being.

Readiness Score

Participants in the study were tasked with recording their Improved Readiness, a comprehensive metric driven by eight integral components. Each of these serves as an indicator of their readiness to tackle the day effectively:

Body Temperature

A measure of the body's basal thermal status.


The duration and quality of sleep were obtained.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Fluctuations between heartbeats are a marker of heart health and stress levels.

Sleep Balance

The equilibrium between periods of light and deep sleep.

Previous Day Activity

The level and intensity of physical activity performed the prior day.

Activity Balance

An assessment of physical activity levels spread over the past 14 days, with the recent 2-5 days accorded slightly higher weightage.

Resting Heart Rate

The resting heartbeat rate is an essential marker for cardiovascular health.

Recovery Index

A broader measure of the body's recovery status post physical activity.

These parameters coalesce as a barometer for participants' preparedness to face the daily grind.

Notably, the Activity Balance - a measurement capturing the harmony between active days and those on a lighter regime - emerged as a compelling factor influencing readiness.

An ideal balance implies effective engagement in activities but refraining from operating at peak capacity consistently.

Interestingly, in the study's context, consistently improved Readiness Score Activity Balance was noted among those who supplemented with Upgraded Formulas Magnesium compared to the placebo group.

This finding underscores the potential role of Magnesium in enhancing readiness and optimizing daily functioning.

Results from the Double Blind Clinical Trial

The study employed the Oura ring to analyze and discern the optimal Heart Rate Variability (HRV) balance. An elevated HRV punctuated by occasional lower rates due to training or other healthy activities represented the ideal HRV balance.

This balance was determined by comparing a rolling average of the past two weeks to a baseline established over the previous three months. To accurately reflect HRV fluctuations, greater emphasis was placed on the more recent days.

In this study, those who received the Upgraded Formulas Magnesium exhibited significant improvements and a smaller decline in HRV compared to the placebo group, suggesting a possible positive influence of Magnesium on HRV balance.

Another aspect explored was the Readiness Score Sleep Balance, which gauged participants' sleep quality in the previous 14 days against their long-term average. To construct this balance, the more recent nights bore a more significant influence on the score.

For instance, poor sleep on the previous night affected Sleep Balance more significantly than an inadequate sleep episode a week prior. This system alerted participants to prioritize sleep in the immediate future to prevent the accumulation of sleep debt.

In the study context, the group using Upgraded Formulas Magnesium showcased a marked improvement in Readiness Score Sleep Balance compared to a substantial decrease observed in the placebo group.

This finding further highlights the potential advantages of Upgraded Magnesium supplementation in enhancing sleep quality and overall well-being.

The Effect on Sleep Balance 

The double blind clinical trial yielded an array of intriguing findings, underscoring several substantial improvements in various aspects of sleep and mood among participants taking Upgraded Formulas Magnesium compared to a placebo:

REM Sleep and Deep Sleep
The double blind clinical trail showed that participants could show a 160% increase in REM sleep, and a 250% increase in deep sleep in just the the small time frame of utilizing Upgraded Magnesium

Perceived Sleep Quality

A significant enhancement was noted in the Upgraded Magnesium group, with a 62% improvement compared to a relatively modest 20% in the placebo group.

Sleep Latency

This parameter, which gauges the time to fall asleep, saw a marked 77% improvement in the Upgraded Magnesium group compared to a mere 10% in the placebo group.

Daytime Dysfunction

The Upgraded Magnesium group reported a 60% improvement in daytime function - this refers to participants' ability to resist the urge to doze off during the day, stay alert while driving, stay awake during meals, and remain engaged during social activities. This was significantly better than the placebo group's 32% improvement.

Overall Sleep Quality

The Upgraded Magnesium group reported a 56% improvement in overall sleep quality, contrasting to a 30% improvement in the placebo group.


A 45% improvement was reported by the Upgraded Magnesium group in managing tension, compared to only a 17% improvement in the placebo group.

Mood and Anger

Notable changes were observed in mood, particularly with anger. The Upgraded Magnesium group reported a 63% reduction in incidences of anger outbursts, in sharp contrast to a paltry 11% reduction in the placebo group.


In terms of depression, the Upgraded Magnesium group demonstrated a 66% reduction, vastly surpassing the 13% reduction in the placebo group.

Sleep Duration

The Upgraded Magnesium group reported an impressive increase in sleep duration, showing a 98% improvement. Conversely, the placebo group reported a decrease in sleep duration.

Time in Light Sleep

The time participants spent in light sleep improved by 90% in the Upgraded Magnesium group, whereas a decrease was observed in the placebo group.

These compelling findings provide a strong argument for the role of Upgraded Magnesium in significantly enhancing sleep quality, mood regulation, and overall well-being.

Personal Testimonials

A few testimonials that were shared from the participants were as follows:

“Past 2-3 nights have felt heavier and deeper sleep during the first half to 5/8 of sleep period.”

“I’m having a deep sleep and vivid dreams.”

“Much easier to fall back asleep.”

“Slept very hard and deeply.”

“A little trouble getting fully awake but only impacted for a few minutes.”

“I’m having a deep sleep and vivid dreams.”

“Sleeping so much better.”

“Sleeping more soundly.”

“I’ve done a lot of sleep studies with your company and in my opinion this is the best sleep supplement so far.”

“Woke up refreshed and without an alarm.”

“I would have slept even longer if wasn’t woken by a person. That is unheard of. I always wake up at 4:30 am. It was almost 6, and I was sound asleep.” 

Explanation of Nano Particle Technology, or NPT

Our proprietary manufacturing process is at the core of our groundbreaking approach, crafted to ensure optimal nutrient absorption for all, irrespective of gut health.

Our unique Nano Particle Technology (NPT) transcends traditional digestive limitations, guaranteeing complete nutrient assimilation and setting a new benchmark in supplement efficacy.

Gone are the days of fretting over the bioavailability of mineral forms – with us, you can simply embrace a new level of confidence in your supplements. A predominant issue with most nutrient supplements is the sheer size of their molecules, rendering them unable to be absorbed by the cells efficiently.

In many cases, these molecules clock in at a colossal 50,000 nanometers, dwarfing the much smaller size of a cell. This disparity inspired us to redefine the boundaries in supplement innovation: our products feature molecules sizing just 10 nanometers, making them exponentially more accessible for your body to metabolize.

Here is the science in a snapshot:

Recognizing that the power of our products lies not only in the words we use to describe them but, more importantly, in their demonstrable effects, we decided to take action.

To fully comprehend the transformative potential of our supplements, you need to see them in action to witness their impact firsthand. To substantiate our claims, we conducted a robust double blind clinical trial on our most sought-after product - the Upgraded Formulas Magnesium. Known for aiding in rest, Magnesium's potential to drastically elevate sleep quality deserves highlighting and verifying.

Our comprehensive double blind clinical trial was meticulously designed to illustrate its effectiveness in every aspect of sleep enhancement, with staunch scientific vigor behind our every assertion.

Our double blind clinical trial pitted the absolute Upgraded Magnesium supplement against a placebo. The captivating results revealed stark and significant improvements among those given the actual supplement, including the oral Upgraded Magnesium supplementation.

This was our irrefutable proof - our supplements genuinely do make a difference. This trial underscores our dedication to delivering on our promise of quality and efficacy.

The Upgraded Formulas Magnesium is not just a supplement but a powerful tool for overall health improvement, verified by science.

Importance of Magnesium

Magnesium - an elemental cornerstone of health - orchestrates an astounding array of bodily physiological functions. It isn't just an essential mineral; it's a master regulator, instrumental in numerous physical processes contributing to our holistic well-being.

At the heart of countless biochemical reactions, Magnesium is like an orchestrator, coordinating the smooth functioning of numerous enzymes.

It is a critical cofactor, a helping hand that enables these enzymes to perform their functions with increased efficiency and precision.

From energy production and nerve transmission to muscle relaxation and DNA synthesis, Magnesium's influence is remarkably diverse. Its role is critical and multi-functional, underscoring its necessity for our health.

Magnesium isn't simply involved in our body's biochemistry - it's indispensable, shaping many vital processes that sustain life. If you don't get enough total dietary intake of magnesium in your diet over a long time, you may be at a higher risk of health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, or osteoporosis.

Your bones contain up to 60% of the total magnesium stored in your body. Assessing magnesium status is crucial in understanding the body's magnesium levels and potential deficiency risks.

It is essential to ensure enough dietary magnesium intake to support healthy muscles, nerves, bones, and blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance.

Dietary sources rich in magnesium, such as green leafy vegetables, unrefined grains, legumes, beans, and nuts, can help meet your magnesium needs. Foods high in magnesium also include seeds and whole grains.

A balanced diet is critical to meeting your daily requirements for magnesium and using supplements as a backup but under medical supervision. How much magnesium you need depends on your age, sex, stage of life, and whether you are getting enough mg of magnesium.

It is crucial to note that if you don't get enough magnesium in your diet over a long time, you may be at a higher risk of health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, or osteoporosis.

It's important note to have supplements with more than the recommended amount of magnesium, as this can cause diarrhea, nausea, or abdominal cramps. Extremely high levels can lead to an irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrest.

Here are some key reasons why magnesium is essential for health:

Energy Production

Magnesium isn't merely a spectator in our bodies' energy generation process; it's a catalyst. As an indispensable cofactor for enzymes, Magnesium propels the transformation of consumed food into usable energy.

It plays a vital role in orchestrating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis – the lifeblood of cell function and our bodies' fundamental energy currency.

Muscle Function

Magnesium conducts both the contraction and relaxation phases in the concert of muscle movement. It is instrumental in calibrating neuromuscular signals, thereby bolstering efficient muscle function.

From an eyelid's delicate flutter to a sprinter's powerful stride, Magnesium enables the full spectrum of our muscle movements.

Nervous System Health

Magnesium contributes significantly to nerve signal conduction as a key player in neurotransmitter regulation. It supports the intricate network of transmissions firing across our nervous system, ensuring a steady tempo of impulses and, thus, fostering overall nervous system health.

Bone Health

Magnesium resides at the heart of bone health, synergizing with calcium and vitamin D to build and maintain robust bones.

This mineral regulates calcium concentrations and forms an integral part of our skeletal structure, enhancing our bones' resilience and integral health.

DNA and RNA Synthesis

In the grand theatre of cellular formation and replication, Magnesium plays a starring role. It is intimately involved in synthesizing DNA and RNA, the molecules that license life at the cellular level.

By catalyzing nucleic acid synthesis, Magnesium ensures the seamless replication of our genetic code and its subsequent orchestration of life-facilitating cellular processes.

Cardiovascular Function

As a primary caretaker of heart health, Magnesium is vital in keeping your heart healthy and strong. It helps maintain a normal heart rhythm, champions blood pressure regulation, and sustains the potency of the heart muscle.

Essential to holistic cardiovascular wellness, Magnesium imbues the heart with the ability to function at its peak, reducing the chance of atrial fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

The effect of magnesium on heart health has been studied extensively, and a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies found that higher serum levels of magnesium were significantly associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, studies show that magnesium supplements may help reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

Glucose Management

At the crossroads of insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism sits Magnesium, a key participant in blood sugar regulation. Sufficient levels of this essential mineral can support equilibrium in blood sugar levels, making Magnesium a vital ally in maintaining metabolic harmony.

Protein Synthesis

Magnesium's role extends beyond basic biochemistry to the intricate art of protein synthesis. This discerning process shapes the structure and functions of cells and tissues. Magnesium steps in as a sculptor, facilitating the assembly of proteins that underpin our bodily structures and functions.

Oxidative Stress Defense

The battle against free radicals and oxidative stress is relentless, and Magnesium stands as a potent soldier on this frontline. Acting as a co-actor for a host of enzymes, it powers our body's antioxidant defenses, neutralizing harmful entities and helping to maintain our internal balance.

Mental Well-being

Magnesium's potential benefits extend to mental well-being and various health conditions, such as low magnesium levels and migraine headaches. Emerging evidence suggests its possible role in mood regulation, bringing anxiety and depressive symptoms into the fold of its potential influence.

Thus, Magnesium may be more than just a physical health booster; it's potentially a catalyst for improved mental health and the prevention of significant health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and osteoporosis, as it has been linked to increased bone mineral density in the hip and femoral neck.

Additionally, low levels of magnesium have been associated with a higher risk factor for osteoporosis. Getting enough of this mineral can help prevent or treat chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes.

Taking magnesium supplements may help prevent migraine attacks and shorten their duration, reducing the amount of medication needed. People who have migraine headaches tend to have lower levels of magnesium compared to those with tension headaches or no headaches at all.


In conclusion, Upgraded Formulas' Magnesium supplement is a stellar solution for enhancing sleep, mood, and overall well-being, as evidenced by our recent comprehensive clinical trial.

Through advanced Nano Particle Technology, our supplements ensure full absorption, making them a colossal advancement over traditional products. Our Upgraded Magnesium double blind clinical trial outcomes confirmed significant improvements in sleep quality, latency, tension reduction, and mood elevation.

Participant testimonials further bolstered the data, voicing their experiences of deeper sleep, vivid dreams, and feeling refreshed upon waking. As we progress, we will continue to innovate in the supplement space while standing by our commitment to quality, absorption, and efficacy.

Experience the Upgraded Formulas difference for yourself – it's one step to a better rest and revitalized life.

If you’re excited to try our product, we invite you to check it out Upgraded Formulas Magnesium now!

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