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Upgrading Your Metabolism

Upgrading Your Metabolism

We all want to feel upgraded, right?
Sometimes we're feeling a bit down in the dumps, a bit vulnerable, a bit low, maybe even a bit fatigued, and in those moments it'd be really great to get a bit of support.

Enter in our Upgraded Metabolism, also once recognized as Upgraded Glucose Solution. This formula targets so many different factors and body systems that it only makes sense it'd make anyone feel like a different version of themselves. It contains zinc, manganese, chromium and our patented blend of trace minerals targeting our immune system, hormones, blood sugar, thyroid and so much more.

Want to get the nitty gritty details on just how how these things can help? Keep reading!

Zinc is such a valuable mineral for it has over 300 functions in the human body. From protein synthesis to hormone production (particularly testosterone for men and progesterone for women) we can see here how zinc plays a role in building a body's foundation. Without adequate protein synthesis and hormone levels, one would struggle with muscle building, fat metabolism, skin elasticity, hair loss, and mood.
It is also recognized for its role in digestion, for without zinc, we wouldn't be able to produce stomach acidity to protect us from pathogens as well as help digest our food properly. In addition to the digestion piece, zinc helps with the secretion of digestive enzymes and insulin from the pancreas, as well as bile production in the liver. Therefore zinc plays a role as well in how we manager blood sugar, cravings, and our detoxification system. Lastly, as it is famously known, zinc is a potent anti viral and is one of the first minerals the body uses when the immune system is under attack. 

Primarily found in the liver, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, kidneys and bones, manganese is severely undervalued for everything it supports. From bone formation, to glucose production, to carbohydrate metabolism, there are a lot of roles in tries to fill.
Just like zinc, it supports protein synthesis but also plays a key role in activating fatty acid metabolism which is necessary for energy, growth, and membrane synthesis. All of our cells have this phospholipid surrounding it, and manganese keeps it healthy. Conversely, with energy and growth, the thyroid plays a vital role in this, and manganese is actually one of the main minerals that help the thyroid produce adequate T4. T4 may not be the active thyroid hormone that our cells use, (T3 is) but it is the co-factor to have T3 even being made in the first place. Every cell in our body uses T3 for energy. 
Lastly, manganese is also utilized for neurological function, meaning it aids in concentration and memory.

Blood sugar is a concept that is very misunderstood. Many individuals believe that if they don't struggle with diabetes or have severe energy rises or dips through out the day they don't have anything to worry about- but think again. 
You ever feel tired after a protein rich meal, or maybe you feel like you need a coffee at 3pm every day, or maybe you're constantly cravings starches to feel satiated? That's a blood sugar problem, my friend. Blood sugar issues can affect so many things from our energy levels through out the day, our weight, our thyroid, and even our nervous system. Enter in chromium, this mineral helps with glucose breakdown, as well as stimulating fatty acid metabolism and cholesterol synthesis. This means chromium can help mitigate unnecessary cravings through out the day and even regulate your blood sugar after large and carbohydrate heavy meals. With blood sugar being balanced, one can most likely feel more energized and experience more stable weight.

Trace Minerals
Despite this not being one compound per say, our own trace mineral blend is to specifically keep people hydrated through out the day and maintain adequate energy levels. Many people have this misconception that hydration is achieved by drinking water, but the real question is just what type of water are you drinking the first place? Most conventional sources, whether it be tap water or even bottled water are stripped of minerals that offer the function that water provides to us to begin with. Water without minerals holds little use, hence the addition of trace minerals is foundational.

In fact, we actually have an amazing testimonial from a client in exemplifying just how Upgraded Metabolism has been able to help him!

If you're struggling with blood sugar issues, fatigue, low thyroid function, low blood blood pressure, or symptoms correlated to a sluggish metabolism, we highly recommend you trying Upgraded Metabolism!

Barbara Madimenos
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Integrative Health Coach

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