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Essential Minerals for Strong Teeth

The Top Essential Minerals For Your Strong Teeth And Healthy Gums

Essential Minerals For Strong Teeth

We’ve all been there – neglecting our oral health until something goes wrong. Whether it’s a cavity, a chipped tooth, or just a general feeling of discomfort, dental troubles can be a real pain. However, the truth is, our teeth are incredibly important structures within our body that require daily care in order to stay healthy. Many people don’t realize that teeth are actually similar in composition to our bones, and require just as much attention and care to maintain.

Our teeth resemble bones by being mineral dense structures both being broken down and made up at every second of the day. They're living things connected to roots deep within our gums.

Although teeth can degenerate, taking care of them is relatively easy. One way is to feed teeth minerals by consuming certain mineral-rich foods that are absorbed into the digestive tract and then partially divided to send to the roots of the teeth. You can also use remineralizing toothpastes to keep teeth healthy.

Why You Need Calcium For Strong Teeth

The main ingredient to what makes up teeth is calcium. It helps to protect and strengthen the enamel on the exterior as well as repent any potential decay that could occur. The calcium in our saliva can also repair damage that has come from anything acidic and works synergistically with other minerals like phosphorus to do so. This is important to note for calcium and phosphorus- as well as magnesium, influence one another. If one increases, the other decreases, and it’s vital to maintain a specific ratio between the three. The best way to see if they are working together is to run a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) through us and you can check your levels. 

Magnesium, An Essential Ingredient For Healthy Teeth

Did you know that approximately 33% of our magnesium stores are found in our bones- specifically on cortical bone either on the surface of hydroxyapatite or in the hydration shell around the crystal? Yup, most people link magnesium to muscles, but it’s an essential mineral to structural health, and this includes teeth. This essential mineral helps regulate the size of hydroxyapatite crystals, which form the structure of our bones and teeth. Magnesium can be found on the surface of hydroxyapatite or within its hydration shell, serving as a reservoir to maintain proper levels in our bodies. For those with dry mouth or reduced saliva production, magnesium is crucial to prevent tooth decay.

In addition, magnesium influences our calcium stores in both bones and teeth. To maintain the delicate balance between the two, it's important to avoid extremes of either mineral. The best way to figure this out is by running an HTMA. 

Why You Want Phosphorus For Strong Tooth Enamel

You may not be aware that most of our phosphorus stores are located in our bones and teeth and that about 85% of our phosphorus comes from these structures. This mineral is crucial for a healthy mouth with strong enamel. It's great to consume calcium-rich foods for healthy teeth! Don't forget about phosphorus - it plays an equally vital role. Dairy products offer both calcium and phosphorus, making them an excellent option.

Zinc For A Healthy Mouth And Tooth Resilience

Ever wondered what makes your teeth and mouth healthy? Look no further than zinc! This mighty mineral comes with a myriad of dental benefits. It can aid in the growth and maintenance of teeth, serving as a natural plaque buster. Zinc also helps fight halitosis (bad breath) naturally, by eliminating bacterial overgrowths that can cause it. It also doesn't hurt that this antiviral mineral also supports the immune system, protecting our bodies from harmful pathogens. While bad breath may make us feel self-conscious, zinc can help us attack it head-on with ease.

Copper For Your Best Dental Health

As much as we try to take care of our pearly whites, sometimes it can feel like we're up against a never-ending battle of cavities and infections. However, there might be a solution that's been right under our noses this whole time. Copper, often overlooked for dental health, can act as an antiviral and help keep unwanted infections away. It's also essential for strong bones and teeth, working with enzymes to increase the structure of teeth.

Manganese, The Mineral That Protects Your Teeth

You may not have heard a lot about manganese, but this mineral plays a crucial role in supporting our health. You might know manganese for boosting your immune system and aiding enzymatic reactions, but it's also a catalyst for producing proteoglycans through glycosyltransferases. These special proteins are essential for maintaining and protecting our cartilage, bones, tendons, and other connective tissues. The intake of these helps activate prolidase - an enzyme that helps use proline efficiently. Proline is crucial to form bones, teeth and develop collagen for healthy skin, hair and nails!

Boron Helps Your Teeth By Helping You Retain Minerals

As we age, our teeth become increasingly important to our overall health and well-being. That's why boron is such a fascinating mineral. It's great for us! Calcium and magnesium stay with us and help regulate hormones, keeping teeth strong and healthy.
In addition, boron helps to regulate certain expressions of genes related to specific hormones that influence bone growth such as estrogen, testosterone and Vitamin D- all in which support the density and strength of teeth.
It has also been shown to help reduce oxidative stress of potential toxicities, such as heavy metals like arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, mercury, and lead. Heavy metals tend to build up in bones and teeth, leading to decay and weakness over time.

If you're interested in evaluating your mineral levels as a means of maintaining strong and healthy teeth, we recommend exploring our HTMA kits. You can order yours today by clicking here.

Barbara Madimenos
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Integrative Health Coach
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