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The Dark Side Of The Supplement Industry

The Dark Side Of The Supplement Industry

Hey Barton here,

I started to learn about these shady practices when I started Upgraded Formulas, and still can’t believe companies are allowed to do these things. All of these shady practices happen behind closed doors because unethical supplement companies value their profits more than their customers.

The crazy part is, many of these unethical practices aren’t even illegal due to certain loopholes they’ve found.

It’s common for supplement companies to do things like:

  • Spend significantly more on the label of a supplement than what goes inside the bottle, because they’re more concerned about sales than customer results.

  • Many companies will lie about the results their supplement can deliver to trick people into buying.

  • They’ll use very low doses of certain popular ingredients, then list the ingredient at a much higher dose on the label to get more sales.

  • It’s common to use sketchy manufacturers that don’t wash their equipment properly because it's cheaper, but puts their customers' health at risk.

  • Supplement companies have been caught releasing tainted batches of supplements that contain off market stimulants, and even anabolic steroids.

The reality is these companies won’t last, and eventually they’ll get exposed.

My mission at Upgraded Formulas has always been to help our community look, feel and perform at their best…Whether they choose to buy from us or not.

This is a “slow burn” approach that aligns with my ethics and integrity. It also guarantees that Upgraded Formulas is here to stay, and there’s never anything to hide.

At Upgraded we’re 100% transparent about what we’re putting into each product a customer orders. It’s why every batch of Upgraded Formulas is 3rd party tested for purity and quality to guarantee what’s on the label is in the bottle.

We use the highest quality minerals on the market from a single manufacturer who aligns with our ethics and integrity.

And it’s why I’ll also be the first one to explain that eating well, exercising and managing stress comes before any kind of supplement.

And the best part for me is I sleep like a baby every night knowing we’re doing things our way with integrity and transparency.

Rooting for your health,

Barton Scott,
Chemical Engineer and Nutritionist
Founder of Upgraded Formulas

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