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Zinc, Copper, and Coronavirus - What you NEED to know right now.

Zinc, Copper, and Coronavirus - What you NEED to know right now.

First, a story, a friend of mine had this happen last week. He developed a bacterial infection - in his mouth, and the cause, and how he pieced together what was happening is interesting. And you might be doing it TOO.

As I write this the world is spinning in the wake of a violent reaction to the coronavirus / COVID-19, and there is one important fact of chemistry that is being overlooked!

So, in this post, I want to share a little-known aspect of viruses and a particular ratio we test for and how testing for and properly correcting this ratio as needed reduces your risk of both viral and bacterial infections. 

What my friend, let's call him, Daniel. What he told me was

Him: I have been taking so much zinc lately to protect against coronavirus!

Me: That's something you want to be very careful about.

Him: Really? Why is that?

Me: Because when you take large amounts of zinc without knowing and understanding your levels, you set yourself up for disaster. 

Specifically, you set yourself up for a bacterial infection. 

Him: Wow....That makes sense...

Me: What makes sense?

Him: I had to go to a biological dentist last week. I just developed a bacterial infection.

Me: There you go. And looking at your levels, your copper - especially when you consider your zinc levels. 

Okay.... So what happened here?

What happened is this: Whenever you have a zinc overload, when compared to copper, the mismatch causes you to be susceptible to a bacterial infection – not a viral infection BUT once you develop a bacterial infection just as my friend did here, he AUTOMATICALLY becomes MORE LIKELY to ALSO develop a VIRAL infection.

That's right. It is the state of a weakened immunity by a NUTRITIONALLY-INDUCED DEFICIENCY. 

Noone seems to know or understand that this is a law of the body, a law of chemistry. This then is not an opinion. 

YET, THIS IS ALSO TRUE: Having too much Copper in the body means you are directly open to a viral incident. 

Yes, like COVID. 

The only commonality that truly makes sense for people who contract and show symptoms of the virus are this: A weakened immune system.

Okay, so what can you DO ABOUT IT?

A solution we have offered for years now, since the founding of the company in 2016, is an analysis that you can and should choose to be interpreted by a nutritionist who is familiar with this analysis. 

Whether you do that with us, or not is up to you, but you should do one several times each year, as a safety measure that is also a great quarterly check in on your health that does not cost much.

The test (and the consultation option) can be found here for $199 or $163 on subscription every 60 or 90 days - your choice

By doing this test using your hair (see videos on the page for more info), and through a consultation with one of our certified nutritionists, you will see what you need to work on - including your Zinc to Copper ratio - something that a blood test for zinc or copper will not show. 

An additional option is to use a product I developed a couple of years ago that has a balanced level of Zinc and Copper, along with Selenium and Iodine.

This product should be taken with food to avoid upset stomach from the Copper.

I recommend doing 1 serving as written on the back of the bottle, in a few ounces of water, and chasing it with coffee or something else strong in flavor. 

I believe this is the best thyroid supplement available, and I personally take it daily - especially right now.

As you supplement with Peak Thyroid - which is designed so that whether you have normal, low, or high thyroid hormone levels - or you just are unaware, you may take this - due to the balanced levels and the small amount of iodine - which the most cutting-edge health professionals understand that we ALL need. 

Why is that?

Well, the thyroid always needs at least a very small amount of iodine to continue producing thyroid hormone which we all need to feel active and mentally and physically capable and strong. 

This is true even for people who get labeled Hyper-thyroid. Why is that?

Well, that is because people whether hypothyroid or hyperthyroid (which is you because we are all either hypo or hyper during some point in the day as hormone levels shift as our thyroid gland produces too much hormone or not enough. 

Ideally, I would recommend both options. Order both, start taking the Peak Thyroid once per day with food and also do our test and consultation.

I decided to put this article together because friends and family and a number of patients have been asking what they should do to improve their odds of not contracting the Coronavirus. 

Did you find this helpful? If so, email it to a friend. People need this information!

 - Barton Scott, ChemE and Nutritionist

Founder of Upgraded Formulas 

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