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Iodine 101: Am I getting enough Iodine?

Iodine 101: Am I getting enough Iodine?

Most households in the United States keep iodized salt in their pantries as a cooking staple. So naturally we think salt means iodine, but that’s a misconception.

We also think (mistakenly) that this is enough iodine to cover our bases.

It is fairly uncommon in the United States and in Canada to be deficient, but the lack of iodine can severely affect your thyroid. Pregnant women need 50% more than the average woman and a deficiency could permanently harm the fetus and result in significantly lower IQ. Yikes!

10 common signs of iodine deficiency are:

  1. Swelling in the Neck (Thyroid region)
  2. Unexpected Weight Gain
  3. Fatigue and Weakness
  4. Hair Loss
  5. Dry, Flaky Skin
  6. Feeling Colder than Usual
  7. Changes in Heart Rate
  8. Trouble Learning and Remembering
  9. Problems during Pregnancy
  10. Heavy or Irregular Periods

Many of us have started to cut back on the table salt which has led to a drop in iodine intake in the United States but there are still other ways to increase your iodine intake. However, iodine and mineral levels in general vary tremendously in foods based on sourcing due to levels in the ocean, soil, and fertilizers.

  • Fish
  • Dairy Products
  • Grains
  • Fruits and vegetables - Especially kelp and seaweed
  • Iodized Salt

Studies in the United States to determine the daily recommended level of iodine were based on the need to prevent goiters due to hypothyroidism of which iodine is the most important mineral, followed by selenium, zinc, and copper. However, in Japan the daily average is much higher with a consumption range from 5,290 to 13,900 mcg of iodine which has shown no harmful effects. (The US recommended daily amount of iodine is only 150 mcg).

The Good News: Deficiency is easy to prevent and, thus it is easy to alleviate symptoms. As always it is best to talk to your doctor and get your thyroid levels and iodine levels checked periodically.

On Supplementation: Our Upgraded Iodine with Liquid Nano Minerals, made from Potassium Iodine, is wonderful since it uses nanotechnology to increase absorption of a “Japan-sized dose” because research is showing the Japanese live longer, have only a third of the rate of cancer, and a higher on average IQ. Also, iodine acts like a nootropic in those with severe brain fog and difficulty focusing which means it helps you focus and get things done.

More Amazing Benefits of Iodine: Detoxing with iodine is getting more and more recognition in part because iodine is, get this: anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial and kills many types of bacteria, several types of fungus, as well as amoebas. Iodine can also be used to protect against some forms of radiation and cancer.


When it comes to iodine, we in most parts of the world - certainly the US, do not get enough. Aim for at least a few thousand mcg per day of a ultra high absorbing iodine like Upgraded Iodine made with Liquid Nano Minerals and sourced in the USA instead of places like China that are known to have high levels of heavy metals (thus defeating the benefits).

If you have low thyroid activity, you’ll likely see noticeable benefits from iodine, which will prove to be an amazing daily addition to your cabinet and to your well-being!


Live Optimally, 

Upgraded Formulas

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