Upgraded Glucose Support Liquid Nano Minerals Zinc & Vanadium | 16 fl oz



            We developed a new delivery system for all of our products because our founder was both angered and disappointed with how ineffective most supplements were.

He set out to fix this using his background in Chemical Engineering and experience as a nutritionist, however about the same time he lost both his mother and his memory which had always been so sharp, but through research realized that if only he could get mineral particles small enough absorb into red blood cells, well, it would increase life-span, health-span, and mental and physical function at the most crucial and fundamental level, namely, minerals, since they are elemental, and as a humans, so are we. 

It was then that he set out to create what today is Upgraded Formulas, founded with with maximum bioavailability in mind (think supplements that actually work) - the products and testing have become an effective love letter to anyone who is struggling with their health, or simply want to take their performance to a new level.

    Have you heard about benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

    Are you doing Keto daily, following a low carb or paleo or ancestral diet? This product is uniquely designed with supporting healthy insulin and blood sugar in mind. 

    -OR- Are you struggling with diabetes or hypoglycemia and need support?

    You or someone you care about can book a consultation here on the website today on our product page to find out more, and if you are serious about optimizing your health we also recommend ordering a mineral deficiency test to know where you stand with your health so that you are testing, and not guessing with your health. 

    To Improve your erratic changes in blood sugar with Upgraded Glucose Support: 

    • THE BEST MINERAL ABSORPTION RATE EVER - Most mineral supplements are too big for our cells and, as a result, our liver filters out all but around 20% of them. Upgraded Glucose Support’s Nano Vanadium, Chromium, and Zinc is small enough to be absorbed sublingually, bypassing the digestive system for up to 99.99% absorption! This means you have to take less mg/day to achieve the same effect you’d get from other supplements!
    • 3 KEY MINERALS INFLUENCE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR - Our blend of Nano Vanadium, Chromium, and Zinc has been proven to help your body regulate your blood glucose level. Unlike the competition we made sure to include all three minerals to make sure you have the most effective results. Great for natural support of Hypoglycemia, Hyperinsulinemia, Elevated Cholesterol, and Diabetes among others.
    • HELPS STABILIZE BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS - Essential, absorbable mineral support not only for those on a strict diet (Keto or otherwise), but also for correctly balancing your blood glucose levels helps with mood stability and which lowers the stress on your organs. This in turn gives you vitality you seek.
    • FEEL GOOD AND GIVE BACK: Upgraded Formulas donates an ever-increasing percentage of their profits to Charity:Water, which provides sustainable clean and accessible water to millions. Every purchase you make of an Upgraded Formulas product directly improves the lives of others.
    • MAY IMPROVE MULTIPLE BODY METRICS - Including but not limited to: insulin levels coming into homeostasis, weight maintenance, and healthy weight loss, as needed by your body to achieve its ideal weight. Stable blood glucose levels keep your metabolism operating smoothly to help with whatever body transformation goals you have.

    Want to know more?

    What's different? A recap. 

    Liquid Vanadium and Chromium and Zinc in an ideal ratio from Upgraded Formulas is the best absorbing supplement of its kind. How is that? We optimize our Support liquid on a nano level for maximal bioavailability and people are very happy about it. This product really moves the needle for people with low levels of these minerals.

    Vanadium, Zinc, and Chromium Are Responsible For Many Bodily Functions, Including These Benefits:

    • Regulating Stable Blood Sugar Levels
    • Improving Insulin Response
    • Improving Mood and Focus Over Several Months of Supplementation
    • Supporting memory
    • Balancing hormones 

    Vanadium and Chromium are essential for those with erratic blood sugar levels. We deliver up to 20X the absorption of other glucose support or blood sugar support supplements, since these minerals go directly into the cells thanks to our delivery system. 

    The Upgraded Formulas Quality Promise
    Our products don’t have any flavors or crazy preservatives. Just pure, mineral goodness for your body and mind. We are so confident about our quality that we offer a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Take our 7 Day Challenge and see if you are satisfied with our products. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! 

    Our Belief And What We Stand For
    When we optimize our body and brain, we are able to live our fullest, most Upgraded version of life.

    The Focus and Mission
    Upgraded Formulas was founded to provide the most actionable testing insights, consultations that provide a clear roadmap to your goals, and high-quality supplements. We also support charitywater.org with the great work they do. 

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