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5 Reasons To Take Magnesium & Why Am I Not Absorbing What I Am Buying?

5 Reasons To Take Magnesium & Why Am I Not Absorbing What I Am Buying?

Often I am asked: "What is the most important mineral in the body?"

My response: Reductive questions are easy to think about but do not help when your goal is like that of ours at Upgraded Formulas, namely to Live Optimally.

That being said, magnesium, if properly absorbed has to be one of the most important minerals you can take daily. 


Why is it so important and how do I know if I have enough?

Answer: Simple. Your heart would cease to beat without it, and a hair test is by far the best bang for your buck out there to see your levels of magnesium present in your body along with many others and heavy metals with high accuracy compared to blood.

However.... There is a good chance your doctor was not trained to interpret hair analyses so there is little to no chance he or she will be recommending it despite it's obvious value. (good news is we have you covered there).

1. Deficiency... Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. Mag has a vital role in hundreds of physiological processes, and since coffee and alcohol and stress depletes us and makes us magnesium-deficient, according  to NIH more than 80 percent of people in the U.S. are depleted and suffer related symptoms. 

2. Sleep... Melatonin is required for deep sleep but is habit forming, magnesium is not and mag is needed as a "raw material" of sorts to make adequate levels of melatonin so that REM Sleep can be achieved. 

3. Sweet Dreams... If you are not dreaming nightly, then low magnesium is a sure bet for reasons discussed above. In some cases people report not remembering dreams for years and then within a week of taking Upgraded Magnesium they report, shockingly so, that they had forgot what it's like to dream and that deep sleep is their new normal.

4. More energy... Mg as an element is required by every single one of your 46 billion + cells and they don't twinkle or make enough energy at the cell level if they are short on this wonder mineral. "Hello! My brain works again OMG!" is a common response we get from our clients. 

5. Mood... Let me let you in on a little secret, stress depletes this key mineral and can wreck your mood in the process. Mood is tied to sleep quality and mag it tied to sleep, very closely indeed. Plenty more to mention here but you get the idea, test your levels and optimize your levels with a product that uses nano technology to increase absorption straight into the cell. Thank us later. 

Live Optimally, 

Barton Scott Founder and Nutritionist, Upgraded Formulas

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