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How To Boost Your N.O. Levels With The Powerful S7 Blend

How To Boost Your N.O. Levels With The Powerful S7 Blend

How To Boost Your N.O. Levels With The Powerful S7 Blend

How often have you been reminded of the age-old advice: eat your greens to stay healthy?

From our childhood days, when we reluctantly moved brussels sprouts around on our dinner plates (especially the boiled brussels that grandma used to make!), to our adult years, during annual visits with the doctor, this sage advice has remained a constant. Such a frequently delivered message may seem trite, but the lasting wisdom and significance of this statement should not be underestimated.

Plant-based foods indeed serve as formidable allies in our ongoing battle against health disorders and the gradual weakening that comes with age. The beneficial role of greens transcends across age, lifestyle, or health variability. Plants, rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants, bolster our body's defense capabilities, thus safeguarding us from numerous diseases. Beyond defense, these greens bestow us with an armor of resilience, allowing us to withstand the gradual decline associated with aging more effectively and vibrantly.


What Does Nitric Oxide Do For Men?

As we traverse through the path of aging, the production of some essential molecules in our body tends to decelerate. One such molecule is nitric oxide. Its primary function in our bodies centers around vasodilation—an elaborate term that essentially refers to the relaxation of the inner muscles of our intricate network of blood vessels. This relaxation process is crucial as it facilitates optimal circulation and seamless blood flow.

Efficient blood flow underscores the raison d'etre of our cardiovascular system. It enables the adequate transport of oxygen and critical nutrients to the various parts of our body that direly depend on them for regular functioning. Notably, hindered blood flow resulting from a limited production of nitric oxide can pose substantial health risks.

Scientific research has corroborated a correlation between diminished nitric oxide production and an elevated risk of severe health conditions. These include, but are not limited to, heart disease and diabetes. An additional repercussion can manifest as erectile dysfunction in men. Hence, maintaining an adequate level of this pivotal molecule is essential for sustaining overall health and averting serious health complications.


How To Boost your NO Levels With Upgraded Formulas New S7 Blend

Although numerous plant-based solutions have been studied for their potential to raise nitric oxide levels, a unique, scientifically-formulated blend known as S7 stands out significantly. This patented blend, composed of seven potent plant-based ingredients, has been specifically designed to augment the body's nitric oxide production by a striking 230%.

These key ingredients include green tea, green coffee bean, kale, broccoli, blueberries, tart cherries, and turmeric. Despite their everyday occurrence in our diets, these humble plants hold remarkable health-enhancing properties that are often overlooked.

Each ingredient within the S7 blend brings an impressive array of benefits to the table, cumulatively working to support and enhance your body's nitric oxide levels. Whether you're grappling with boosting your nitric oxide production or dealing with related health concerns, the powerful blend in S7 could offer a viable road to improved wellbeing. And while the ensuing benefits may be far-reaching, it's essential we delve deeper into understanding exactly how each element contributes to the efficacy of S7.


Individual Ingredient Analysis

Green Tea

Green tea, an integral part of the S7 blend, is renowned for its ability to curtail the activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). This ACE enzyme plays an instrumental role in converting angiotensin I into angiotensin II, a process accompanied by various physiological impacts throughout your body.

Angiotensin II tends to induce an increase in blood pressure and promote the contraction and narrowing of blood vessels. It also limits the expulsion of sodium and water from the body, ultimately leading to a slow down in your blood flow. This restricted flow cripples the body's capacity to move lymph throughout the system effectively and carry out proper detoxification. Such hindrance can leave you feeling fatigued, sluggish, and visibly swollen.

However, the inhibition of this pathway, thanks to the magic brewed in every cup of green tea, can overturn these symptoms. Green tea's natural ACE inhibitory properties help reduce water weight, instigate a surge in metabolism, and bolster the body's ability to transport nutrients and oxygen. This way, all the crucial parts of the body continue receiving their necessary nourishment, ensuring better overall health.

Green Coffee Bean

The green coffee bean extract completes another piece of the S7 jigsaw. Esteemed as a potent ally for fat loss, this extraordinary ingredient owes its effective reputation to a prominent compound known as chlorogenic acid. Research has amply highlighted how chlorogenic acid functions as a powerful insulin sensitizer, mimicking the therapeutic action of medications like metformin to provide a pivotal balance to blood sugar levels. For men mainly, maintaining a steady blood sugar balance presents substantial benefits for their steroid hormone regulation.

Certain studies have found that insulin resistance can instigate a biochemical process known as aromatization, wherein testosterone is converted into estrogen. Better insulin regulation, courtesy of green coffee bean extract, thus helps inhibit unwarranted aromatization.

Furthermore, green coffee extract enhances the production of nitric oxide by stimulating endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). eNOS is an enzyme that plays an essential role in producing nitric oxide, further underscoring its value as part of the S7 blend.


Kale and Broccoli

The revered duo of kale and broccoli contributes another potent component to the S7 cocktail—nitrates. These ubiquitous vegetables boast a high nitrate content, which, upon consumption, is transformed into nitric oxide. As established earlier, nitric oxide assists with a repertoire of health aspects, one of which is notably exercise performance. Despite the advantages, some voices in the health community caution against the consumption of nitrates, arguing these compounds to be potentially detrimental to human health, contributing to risks such as cancer. These apprehensions primarily emerge from the association between harmful sodium nitrates, predominantly present in processed foods as a preservative or color fixative, and the subsequent formation of N-Nitroso compounds like nitrosamines.

While it is viable that nitrates can morph into harmful compounds, it's worth noting that vegetables like kale and broccoli also harbor ample antioxidants. These antioxidants can neutralize the adverse effects of harmful compound formation during nitrate digestion.

Bolstering their health-promoting profile, kale and broccoli also offer a rich vein of a vital mineral—sulfur. Sulfur plays a necessary role in supporting liver detoxification, helping to prevent excessive estrogen from being reabsorbed and circulated in the body, thus mitigating potential hormonal disruption over time. Hence, these greens offer benefits that far outstrip the risks associated with nitrate consumption.



Who can resist the allure of blueberries? These vibrant blue gems are brimming with a treasure trove of antioxidants, including anthocyanins, flavones, and flavanones, proven to ameliorate erectile dysfunction risks. A published report in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition bolstered this claim, revealing that men with the highest antioxidant intake registered a significantly lower likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction over a decade.

Considering that erectile dysfunction predominantly stems from vascular complications, blueberries' antioxidant properties have garnered widespread attention for their innate capability to alleviate oxidative stress and inflammation. By fostering a healthier circulatory system, these antioxidants enable the efficient flow of oxygen and nutrient-laden blood that reaches the genitals, ultimately supporting optimal penile function. Furthermore, blueberries, as a part of the S7 blend, extend their health benefits beyond addressing erectile dysfunction. In tandem with the other components, they work holistically to promote optimal nitric oxide production, promoting vitality and overall wellbeing.


Tart Cherry

Yet another player in the S7 blend is the delightful tart cherry—a fruit equally cherished for its flavor and health benefits. Studies have illuminated its potential to enhance circulation. This ability hinges largely on a compound found generously in tart cherries—anthocyanins, which are famed for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, tart cherries are a natural source of serotonin, a crucial neurotransmitter known to buoy your mood and regulate sleep patterns. Interestingly, serotonin can turn into melatonin, a hormone instrumental in averting insomnia. Consequently, consuming tart cherries can contribute to better sleep quality and overall recovery.

Obtaining adequate rest and allowing the body to rejuvenate is a key determinant of hormonal regulation and metabolic health. Thus, the incorporation of tart cherries into this powerful blend not only advocates for better sleep and reduced inflammation but supports overall metabolic wellbeing, reinforcing the synergetic potential of the S7 formula.



Rounding up the constituents of the S7 blend is turmeric - an herb celebrated globally for its potent health benefits. Widely acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory prowess, turmeric is also rich in vasorelaxant properties, a feature crucial for enhancing blood circulation.

The improved blood flow, in tandem with turmeric's inherent properties, aids the production of nitric oxide, as corroborated by numerous studies. Consequently, turmeric doesn't just contribute to the S7 blend's impressive anti-inflammatory characteristics but also supports the blend's overall aim—promoting nitric oxide synthesis.

Thus, the amalgamation of green tea, green coffee bean extract, kale, broccoli, blueberries, tart cherries, and turmeric in the S7 blend presents an intricately balanced, potent formula designed to deliver numerous health benefits by optimizing nitric oxide production.



In conclusion, the S7 blend, while compiled from everyday foods, creates an extraordinary combination with immense health-promoting potential. Its seven key ingredients, each carrying remarkable health-enhancing properties, work synergistically to fuel nitric oxide production, contributing to optimal vasodilation and seamless blood flow. By balancing our biochemical processes, these ingredients ensure a healthy cardiovascular system, while staving off conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction among others. This blend not only substantiates the age-old advice of consuming our greens but does so in a well-orchestrated manner, using ingredients that offer both individual and combined benefits. The S7 blend, therefore, stands as the embodiment of a simple, natural, and effective way to contribute significantly to men's health, overall well-being, and longevity.

If you’re interested in looking for a product that is designed to support not just blood flow, but hormones, energy levels, and overall well-being, check out our Upgraded T!

Barbara Madimenos
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Integrative Health Coach

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