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22 Questions: Iodine Deficiency and Hypothyroidism

22 Questions: Iodine Deficiency and Hypothyroidism

Iodine deficiency (not having enough iodine that is absorbed, since what we eat and what we absorb are too very different things) and hypothyroidism go together like peanut butter and jelly - but in a bad way... and the results don't taste great.

Here is an iodine / low thyroid symptom list that is often felt by people who are low in iodine and consequently in a state of low, or hypo-thyroid activity.

Here is a symptom list that is often felt by people who are low in iodine and consequently in a state of low, or hypothyroid activity.

This is not a test, but rather a rule of thumb, however if you are interested in learning more after reading the below 22 questions, we recommend ordering a hair analysis and consultation

1. I have dry skin

2. I am constipated often (less than 2 bowel movements per day).

3. I have difficulty waking up in the morning.

4. My hair has a dullness or dryness. 

5. I find it hard to get going with the day without stimulants.

6. My bottom lip is swollen. 

7. Ringing in the ears. 

8. Puffy or swollen face upon waking. 

9. Rather easy to put on weight. 

10. Frequent urination. 

11. Body temp is low (particularly below 97.8 - giving blood is a good way to have this checked for you.

12. The outer third of eyebrow is thin.

13. Life feels like it is painfully slow at times. 

14. Rest does not seem restful.

15. Eyelids are swolen when waking. 

16. My hearing isn't as sharp as it could be.

17. Have poor circulation.

18. Cold hands.

19. Cold feet. 

20. Think "blue" thoughts often. 

21. Reduced sociability. 

22. Low output at work.


So, how did you do?


a) 10+. Very likely iodine supplementation could help.

b) 5- 10. Do a hair test which shows thyroid tendencies in an indirect, yet reliable way. It is still quite likely iodine will help with symptoms. 

c) 5 or less of 22. Take some iodine (though more than the RDA, or recommended daily allowance is needed by nearly everyone who is not in a hyperthyroid state) to keep in good health, support disease prevention, and detoxification. 

Live Optimally!

Barton Scott, Upgraded Formulas


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