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Taking Supplements Correctly: The Ultimate Upgraded Formulas Guide

Taking Supplements Correctly: The Ultimate Upgraded Formulas Guide

Taking Supplements Correctly: The Ultimate Guide


Taking supplements correctly is an art and a science that involves more than just popping a pill. Supplements, much like medicines, can perform at their best when consumed in the right manner - the correct timing, the appropriate dosages, and the suitable combinations. Individual sensitivities and responses further layer this complex scenario.

To understand this intricacy fully, this guide is designed to delve into the ins and outs of the correct usage of our diet supplements, including the commonly chosen multivitamin.

Regardless of your familiarity with supplements - you might be a newbie or someone who has always found them highly effective - this guide is designed to elucidate everything you need to know about harnessing the full potential of our dietary supplements and to help you take your supplements correctly for optimal benefits.

Particle Size Comparison

Our supplements stand out from the competition due to our innovative approach to formulation. Utilizing advanced nano-based technology, we have developed mineral-based supplements with a tiny particle size of just 10 nanometers.

To put this into perspective, a human cell typically measures around 10,000 nanometers, making the minerals in our supplements a staggering 1000 times smaller than your cells.

This remarkable size difference is at the heart of our supplements' effectiveness. With particle sizes significantly smaller than those found in your cells, our mineral supplements offer superior absorbability. This means that when you take our supplements, your body can bypass the usual digestive processes that other, larger particles are subjected to.

As a result, the body can utilize these nutrients more efficiently, ensuring you get maximum benefit from each product.

Benefits of Nano-sized Supplements

Taking supplements correctly is an integral part of achieving the intended benefits, and this becomes more complex considering the wide variety of products available. For instance, various mineral supplements consist of particles as large as 50,000 nanometers, about five times the size of a cell.

Such large particles, except for synthetic folate, may struggle to be efficiently absorbed by the body, particularly in sizable amounts. Synthetic folate, found in supplements or fortified foods, is more absorbable than its natural food counterparts, making it an indispensable supplement for expecting mothers.

Harnessing the power of nanotechnology, we are revolutionizing the arena of supplement science. We aim to create products that ensure effective and efficient delivery of their proposed benefits.

The commitment to innovative science and maximum bioavailability is what sets us apart from other brands.

We are thrilled to offer you solutions that epitomize efficacy and bioavailability, meticulously engineered to sync with your body's natural cycle. Our high-potent products often require only minimal dosing to achieve substantial results.

However, recognizing that a minority might experience minor digestive discomfort due to the strength of our products, we have curated this article for a better understanding of correct supplement intake.

Taking supplements correctly is critical, and today's guide strives to offer advice and support as you begin incorporating our supplements seamlessly into your well-being routine.

By offering the right information and tips, we hope to enhance your experience and help you maximize the benefits our products promise with utmost ease and comfort.

Advice on Consumption

Navigating the proper intake of supplements, especially those in liquid form, can sometimes require exceptional guidance, which we're happy to provide. As a rule of thumb, we advise diluting all our liquid nano mineral supplements in an 8-16oz glass of water. This dilution process assists in avoiding any potential digestive discomfort that can arise due to the concentrated nature of our supplements.

Although digestive discomfort is rare, individuals with sensitive systems may experience mild reactions. Note that our minerals are highly concentrated and absorb quickly into the body.

Such a focused nutrient influx might be a bit overwhelming at first – another reason we emphasize the need for dilution and suggest consuming the drink progressively, facilitating a gentle absorption process that your system can handle easily.

More specifically, for certain potent products like copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron, we recommend consumption either with or immediately before a substantial meal. This strategy helps act as a buffer, mitigating possible digestive side effects, such as stomach upset or diarrhea.

Among our range, Upgraded Potassium tends to be most often cited for digestive discomfort, primarily due to the high dosages frequently recommended, such as 1 tbsp thrice a day.

By taking this – and all our supplements – with appropriate nourishment and ample water, you'll optimize absorption while minimizing any potential discomfort. The main exception for calcium supplements is calcium citrate, which can be taken with or without food for optimal absorption.

Consultation Recommendations

An instrumental step to achieving optimal results from your supplementation regimen is to adhere strictly to the instructions provided by your nutritionist.

These guidelines concerning dosage, frequency, and the best time of day are meticulously designed based on scientific principles and your nutritional needs.

Not all supplements can or should be taken simultaneously due to unique synergistic or antagonistic interactions within these nutrients. 

Take minerals, for instance. Specific pairs like calcium, iron, zinc, and copper are antagonistic. This means that if you consume our Upgraded Iron alongside our Upgraded Calcium or pair our Upgraded Zinc with our Upgraded Copper, the absorption of these nutrients could be impaired. These interactions explain why we only sometimes recommend mixing all supplements and consuming them simultaneously.

Instead, we suggest taking them at different times or with varying food sources for optimal absorption, such as pairing iron supplements with vitamin C-rich foods for better iron absorption.

It is also important to note the recommended dosage for calcium intake, with the body absorbing it more effectively when taking 600 milligrams or less at a time.

If taking more than that per day, splitting the dosage into morning and evening doses is recommended for better absorption and improved bone health.

Understanding these properties and following your prescribed supplementation plan are imperatives to optimize each supplement's benefits.

As always, it's critical to utilize the counsel of your nutritionist, leveraging their expertise to construct a conscientious supplement regimen that respects these nutrient interactions and aligns perfectly with your individual health goals and a nutritious diet. 

Advice on Supplement Combinations

Fourth on our list of recommendations is to be mindful of timing when consuming minerals in conjunction with binders, such as those found in our Upgraded Detox+Debloat. The core purpose of our detox formula is to target and bind to toxins, including heavy metals, which it does effectively.

However, it's worth noting that this product has the potential to bind to essential nutrients as well, acting indiscriminately in its quest to detoxify.

To circumvent this, we strongly advise taking the Upgraded Detox+Debloat at strategically chosen times — ideally right before sleep, ensuring it's a few hours after your last meal or snack.

Alternatively, timing it around sauna sessions can amplify its detoxification effects; we recommend taking it an hour before and waiting for at least an hour after eating to do so.

This approach ensures that the product focuses on detoxifying your body without interfering with absorbing vital nutrients from your food.


Navigating the world of supplements is a nuanced journey that involves much more than simply popping pills into your mouth and hoping for the best. From the science of absorption to the art of timing your intake around meals and binders, we’ve delved deep into strategies to optimize the effectiveness of our advanced-formula supplements and ensure you can utilize them safely and effectively. We hope our guidance on dilution, synergy, and antagonism, as well as the careful scheduling around detoxifiers, has highlighted the complexities underpinning nutritional supplementation.

Our cutting-edge nano mineral technology is designed to work harmoniously with your body, but understanding its intricacies is critical to reaping the utmost benefits without discomfort.

If uncertainties remain, our customer service team is always ready to illuminate any grey areas and assist on your path to enhanced well-being.


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