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Double or Triple your deep sleep WITHOUT doing anything drastic!

Natalie Jill

“Nothing has increased my DEEP SLEEP like Upgraded formulas magnesium”

-Natalie Jill



upgraded magnesium bottle

Sleep Up to 160% in only 14 nights - Relaxing, Enhances Calm, Enhances a Calm Focus, and Promotes Deep Sleep and REM Sleep.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

Not alluring, but you know how amazing you feel after a GREAT night of sleep...and you also know how crappy it feels when you DON'T get a good night sleep.

The point is...sleep is VERY important. It impacts all aspects of our lives.
So, how would you like to get the MOST out of your sleep?

You get the most out of your sleep, by getting the deep, restorative sleep.
REM sleep is important too...and we're focusing on the restorative sleep today.
This one frustrated me for the longest time, because I would be in bed for 9+ hours and get 10-20 minutes of DEEP sleep

While my husband, even on nights when he was only getting 4-5 hours of sleep, was getting 2+ hours of deep sleep.

I was always blown away how he could function so well on 'less' sleep. I would ask, aren't you tired??? He would shrug and say "I'm a good night sleep...How could he get half the sleep, and feel better than me?

result comparision

I was always blown away how he could function so well on 'less' sleep. I would ask, aren't you tired??? He would shrug and say "I'm a good night sleep...How could he get half the sleep, and feel better than me?

A quick recommendation

However, there are a FEW supplements I do believe make a HUGE difference when we supplement with them.

There is one in particular I LOVE LOVE LOVE for women in midlife AND you know I always share the things I love with you – because that’s what girlfriends do.

Before you hop on amazon and just order some for yourself, you need to know that there are MULTIPLE types of magnesium available and only specific ones help with sleep.

Not just that, there are VERY FEW that have been clinically tested and PROVEN to be absorbed and available for our bodies to use.

Which is why I want to share my friend’s clinically proven for-better-sleep magnesium.

Take your sleep to the next level.

Literally within four-five days of taking it, I went from getting max 20 minutes deep sleep per night, to getting almost TWO HOURS of deep sleep per night!

If you want to maximize your restorative sleep, you have to try this.
It works. It is clinically proven. It is one of my go-to supplements.

magnesium bottle
upgraded magnesium bottle upgraded magnesium bottle

Use coupon code: NATALIEJILL

Natalie Jill

-Natalie Jill

5 star

“Try it, and thank me later when you experience TRUE restorative sleep”

TEST don’t guess!

✓ Packed with Stabilized nano minerals to aid absorption
✓ Does not need to be digested to be absorbed
✓ 100% natural, keto, and vegan
✓ High-quality magnesium to provide all you need in a day
✓ Percentage of profits go to Charity:Water

You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to mineral deficiency

upgraded magnesium bottle

Boost Your Mood & Relax While Lowering Stress Every Day

“This is CALM FOCUS in a bottle! When I start feeling like I had too much caffeine when I have had NONE that is anxiety! Upgraded mood changes this for me very quickly.”

-Natalie Jill

boost-mood-and-relax boost-mood-and-relax
Natalie Jill

-Natalie Jill:


If the notion of mineral imbalances or heavy metal toxicity being the root cause of health issues hasn't crossed your mind, it's time for a reevaluation. Even I was skeptical of this idea once.

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