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Unlocking Wellness: How Mineral Balance Transformed My Sleep and Anxiety Struggles

Unlocking Wellness: How Mineral Balance Transformed My Sleep and Anxiety Struggles


If the notion of mineral imbalances or heavy metal toxicity being the root cause of health issues hasn't crossed your mind, it's time for a reevaluation. Even I was skeptical of this idea once.

As a fitness industry professional and fat loss expert dedicated to supporting people to cross the midlife crisis bridge, I firmly believed that I knew my body's needs well.

After all, my lifestyle comprised a balanced diet, regular workouts, and overall conscientious self-care. Yet, persistent sleep issues and anxiety told a different story, which I only began to decipher after meeting Barton Scott, the founder of Upgraded Formulas.

Personal Struggles

Our paths crossed in Maui about three years ago, thanks to a mutual friend named Lee. Barton and I engaged in a series of enriching conversations from the get-go. His articulate knowledge of sleep stood out to me—a topic on which he exuded remarkable confidence, a stark contrast to my battling struggles.

At that time, I had just begun tracking my sleep using an Oura ring, naively unaware that my nightly rest was a mere five minutes of deep sleep amidst a disproportionate span of REM sleep.

Encased in the belief that ample REM sleep—synonymous with vivid dreams—signified healthy slumber and a mark of creativity, I overlooked the underlying issue. This misconception puzzled me over my constant fatigue despite sleeping ten hours every night. As depicted in the image below, the Oura ring data painted a stark reality: my sleep was far from refreshing.

Considering my sleep score was 82, one would assume contentment. Yet, the paltry sixteen minutes of deep sleep I was managing did little to mitigate my weariness.

Driven to understand and rectify my condition, I turned to Barton for insight. I questioned how he might approach a case as perplexing as mine—where the individual seemed to be doing everything “right” yet failed to achieve meaningful recovery from sleep.

Initial Solution

Anticipating a conventional set of recommendations, I braced for the predictable trio of remedies often cited for sleep improvement: meditation, an earlier bedtime, and stress reduction techniques. While these methods have proved successful for some, Barton introduced a surprisingly different solution: magnesium supplementation.

Admittedly, I was initially perplexed—my daily routine had long included a dose of magnesium. However, Barton's insistence was unwavering; he handed me a bottle of what he called "Upgraded Magnesium," and with earnest curiosity, I decided to try it. That decision marked a pivotal turn in my journey toward wellness.

The impact was nothing short of transformative. The data doesn't lie; as I show the image below, you'll witness a profound transition. The nights where deep sleep did not previously surpass a mere sixteen minutes are now in my rear view mirror. In their place, I've been greeted by nights of profound, restorative sleep that rejuvenates the mind and fortifies the body. I love to see those crowns!

But it wasn't just about the numbers but how I felt each morning. A newfound vitality replaced the groggy, weariness-laden awakenings. Clarity replaced my morning fog, and energy levels surged, leaving behind the lethargy that had once been my constant companion.

Upgraded Magnesium, it turned out, offered me more than just a supplement; it provided me the key to unlocking a more profound, more healing night's rest, something I had been seeking but never quite achieving—until now.

What Makes Upgraded Formulas Different

The exceptional efficacy of the magnesium supplement from Upgraded Formulas lies in its innovative use of nanotechnology. This cutting-edge approach ensures that magnesium is more easily assimilable than traditional supplements. How does it work? It ingeniously bypasses the conventional digestive process, allowing for immediate cellular absorption.

The science behind it is fascinating. To understand its superiority, we must consider the particle size of the supplement with our cells. The average human cell is about 10,000 nanometers in size. Upgraded Formulas have engineered their magnesium supplement particles to be just 5,000 nanometers. This smaller size facilitates a smoother and more effective absorption by our cells.

In contrast, many leading supplements present particles sized around 50,000 nanometers—effectively ten times larger than our cells. Attempting to absorb such disproportionately large particles is akin to fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Not only is it inefficient, but it also means that a significant portion of the supplement simply goes to waste without providing any benefit, essentially making it an unwise investment.

Moreover, the market is flooded with various forms of magnesium—glycinate, orotate, citrate, and malate, to name a few. These are designed with good intentions, aiming to bind magnesium to molecules that are theoretically easier for the body to absorb.

However, this differentiation overlooks a crucial point: what our bodies truly require isn't a specific type of magnesium but rather the ability to absorb and utilize magnesium in any form efficiently. This is where the brilliance of nanotechnology shines. It eliminates the need for different types of magnesium by ensuring that the elemental magnesium is absorbed efficiently and effectively, right at the cellular level.

Minerals: The Spark Plugs of Life

Barton elucidated on a powerful metaphor that described minerals as the essential spark plugs of our cellular engines. They constitute the fundamental components indispensable for many biological processes, including energy production, enzymatic reactions, and hormone synthesis.

A deficiency in these vital minerals can lead to dysfunction on fundamental levels; it's akin to expecting a car to run without spark plugs—it simply won't happen.

For example, consider the experience of anxiety, an affliction I'm familiar with through occasional personal bouts. It's a complex condition that can stem from a myriad of sources: trauma, infections, hormonal fluctuations, or deficiencies in nutrients—to name a few. But at the core of many of these issues is the role of minerals.

They're integral to catalyzing enzymatic reactions that contribute to hormone production, operating cellular defense mechanisms, managing mood, and increasing resilience in the face of stress.

Barton's commitment to addressing underlying causes was evident when he addressed my susceptibility to anxiety, which manifests so similarly to a caffeine overdose, despite my abstaining from coffee on those days.

Rather than attributing it to surface-level problems, he posited that a mineral deficiency might be at play—a theory drastically different from conventional medical wisdom, which often suggests a pharmacological solution, such as prescribing Xanax, a route I prefer to veer away from.

Through our conversations, Barton compared resorting to medication for anxiety to superficially handling household alerts—turning off the lights to ignore problems, silencing an alarming noise, or ventilating smoke without investigating the fire.

Each of these actions ignores the underlying issues at hand. Conversely, addressing mineral imbalances, he argued, targets the root cause of such physiological disruptions.

 In light of this, Barton introduced me to another innovative product: Upgraded Mood. Remarkably, within mere minutes of my first intake, I perceived a tangible alleviation in my anxiety—almost like unlocking a hidden tranquility. This experience compelled me to delve deeper into the product's formulation and understand the underlying reasons for its remarkably prompt effectiveness.

Upgraded Mood is infused with a trio of critical minerals—lithium, chromium, and magnesium—all specifically selected for their proven benefits on mental health and the nervous system.

Lithium, while perhaps controversially known for its use in psychiatric medications, plays a vital role in moderate amounts for mental health support, substantiated by clinical evidence for its effectiveness against depression, anxiety, even bipolar disorder, and thoughts of self-harm. It is considered safe and crucial for neuropsychiatric health in modest doses.

Chromium assists with the efficient utilization of glucose, which is fundamental for maintaining stable blood sugar levels—an often overlooked cause of anxiety-like symptoms.

Finally, magnesium supports the adrenal glands and the central nervous system and is especially beneficial for individuals dealing with prolonged stress, hyperstimulation, or exhaustion.

This intricate blend of minerals in Upgraded Mood works synergistically to support various aspects of well-being, from enhancing mood stability and promoting mental calmness to balancing blood sugar levels—a trifecta that can effectively counteract anxiety and foster overall mental health.

Understanding Mineral Deficiency

You might find yourself puzzled, questioning how a deficiency in minerals is plausible when adhering to a nutritious diet. After all, isn't there a famous adage that touts "food as medicine"?

Barton highlights this problem, attributing it to many factors compromising our nutritional intake. The predicament often begins with modern agricultural practices depleting the soil's natural mineral richness, affecting the mineral content in our foods.

Add to this the everyday stressors we encounter, exposure to heavy metals, and a spectrum of gut health issues — including parasites, candida overgrowth, or the pervasive problem of leaky gut syndrome — and what you have is a perfect storm that hampers our body's ability to absorb and retain the nutrients from our diet.

It's a paradox. At the very moment, we need these minerals the most — to facilitate the healing processes within our bodies, to synthesize energy, and to bolster our defenses against infections — our capacity to absorb them is compromised.

This is where the significance of supplementing with Upgraded Formula minerals comes into play. By providing your body with the essential minerals in a highly absorbable form, you are laying down the foundational building blocks necessary for vitality.

These minerals do not just serve as a temporary band-aid; they support the body's natural healing mechanisms by ensuring it has what it needs to combat the issues at its root. So, while you might be eating a diet that is theoretically rich in nutrients, supplementing with minerals could be the key to unlocking proper health and wellness, helping your body to heal and thrive amidst modern challenges.

Limitations of Blood Tests for Mineral Deficiency

Why do mineral deficiencies not readily surface in blood tests? I had the opportunity to pose this question to Barton, and his explanation provided a fascinating insight into the dynamic nature of our bodies.

Picture our blood as a busy highway with nutrient traffic destined for various body parts. It's important to note that blood is not a reservoir or a final destination where these nutrients accumulate; instead, it functions as the conduit through which these critical elements are distributed to our cells and organs.

As a marvel of biological engineering, the human body works incessantly to maintain a specific balance of nutrients, pH levels, and electrolytes within our serum to keep us functioning optimally.

During mineral depletion or imbalances, the body, in its innate wisdom, compensates by pulling required nutrients from organ sites like bones, muscles, or even the liver to maintain these crucial serum levels.

Let me illustrate this with an analogy: imagine running a bakery that serves 100 customers daily. Initially, when you open, your storeroom is bursting with abundant stock — flour, sugar, eggs, butter — allowing you to produce enough baked goods to satisfy your clientele consistently.

However, as the impact of stress, depletion, or unforeseen obstacles sets in, your abundant reserves dwindle, and instead of having a sufficient stockpile, you find yourself barely maintaining the workflow. At some point, this precarious balance can't hold, which would undeniably impact the production process, the quality of service, and the budget for further resources. In this case, the first signs of insufficiency are akin to early symptoms of what we recognize as the onset of disease — the body's 'dis-ease' in maintaining its vital equilibrium.

In a similar vein, the human body exhausts its reserves in an attempt to maintain its equilibrium in times of deficiency. Still, the physiological 'budget' and metabolic 'service quality' are affected over time.

This intricate balancing act is often why mineral deficiencies do not immediately appear in blood tests, even when the body has embarked on the difficult path of resource reallocation and potential depletion.

An Alternative Solution: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

When blood tests prove insufficient for unearthing underlying mineral deficiencies, what alternative diagnostics can we employ?

Barton suggests the answer lies in a technique known as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

Offered by Upgraded Formulas, HTMA is a sophisticated tool for assessing mineral levels within our bodies. It involves examining and analyzing hair tissue, ideally sourced close to the scalp’s nape. It can provide a historical record of the element excretion levels over the past three months. It's like a window into the body's nutritional past.

The beauty of HTMA lies in its ability to reveal a spectrum of insights about an individual's overall health. Measuring the excretion values of various elements it allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of not just the metabolic rate (the status of one's metabolism) but also the condition of the nervous and adrenal systems, thyroid function, hormonal health, blood sugar levels, immune response, digestive capacity, and even stress levels. It's a method that considers both emotional and mental aspects of health.

Moreover, HTMA can be pivotal in assessing heavy metal status, a significant factor often associated with numerous health complications, depending on the individual's metabolic state. What makes the HTMA particularly appealing is its simplicity and comfort. It's swift, painless, and convenient, providing invaluable insights to inform long-term strategies for managing physical and mental health.

Rather than just identifying the problem, the results can help us understand why we’re experiencing symptoms and give us the necessary tools to rectify the issue.

Like peering under the hood of a car, HTMA offers a comprehensive view of what's happening inside our bodies, making it easier to fine-tune our health for sustainable wellness.


Having personally gone through the transformative experience with Upgraded Formulas, it would be inconceivable to keep this 'magic' to myself. It's a revelation I feel compelled to share, especially with those who battle insomnia, wrestle with anxiety, contend with gut issues, or navigate the myriad health challenges that life throws our way.

I greatly emphasize the value of ordering your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) from Upgraded Formulas. Take that initial step towards self-knowledge – assess your mineral status and glean insights into your body's unique needs. And while you're at it, explore the array of exceptional mineral supplements they offer.

The shift you'll experience can be profound. Many report feeling the positive change so swiftly that it almost seems unbelievable – a testament to the power of restoring balance to your body's mineral levels. It's not just about temporary fixes or masking symptoms; it’s about initiating a transformative journey toward lasting health and enhanced well-being.

So don't hesitate any longer. Embrace the opportunity to unlock a more vibrant, healthier version of yourself. Start with HTMA, delve into the world of superior mineral supplementation, and join the multitude who can't help but share its incredible impact on their lives.

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