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What actually makes hair turn grey and white?

What actually makes hair turn grey and white?

A common question we get: "What actually makes hair turn white? Is low energy somehow related?"

I always say, "Think of your hair as an indication, and indicator, a warning because however nice your hair is now, from an evolutionary perspective, you can view it as a gauge on the dashboard of your health. That is likely a large part of why it was put there.

Headaches work the same way, a warning sign, and when you don't listen.. they get worse over time, and boom, migraines are now your new normal. 

But back to what makes your hair turn white...

Manganese and iron are two minerals your cells need to make energy. 

So, two questions, are you tired often?

Have you ever stopped to realize that it seems everyone is tired around you? Chronic fatigue is so common that it actually gets ignored as the warning sign that it is to us all.

And, do you see more white hair than you used to?

On one side we have iron, Fe and Manganese, Mn, and on the other, zinc and calcium.

About this time, what people ask is, "What should I do when my hair begins to turn grey or white?"

The answer is two parts: Always test your hair with an analysis from a reputable lab, AND have a nutritionist who is ACTUALLY TRAINED IN THIS AREA do the interpreting for you. We offer this service because it is so crucial to understanding your results. 

Part two of the answer: We will see zinc and calcium at elevated levels - at least in respect to other minerals, and also, individually in most cases. Both zinc, Zn and calcium, Ca are white. White on the faces of people who wear sunscreen is from zinc. 

Why? Well as we age, if we aren't testing and correcting our mineral status with minerals in a form the body's cells and mitochondria can actually utilize at a high rate, we get depleted and our body begins to pull from the surplus of minerals in our hair. 

This brings us to another point. Have you ever wondered why some people get white hair or grey hair all at once?

In many cases, a person goes through an overwhelming life event and withdrawals from the surplus in all tissue that contain mineral stores, including hair result in a rapid explosion of grey hair versus the slow greying many others experience. 

In either case, grey hair is a warning sign to pay more attention to your health, and I can think of no better place to start than with our hair analyses and consultations on a quarterly basis to check-in and make changes and check-in again. 

This is the natural path of restoring your hair, as well as your skin and your nails which of course are merely outward indicators of how well your health is working. 

Why is it rare to see older people with dark hair? As we age our mineral levels drop, our energy levels drop if we are not constantly checking in and making the needed adjustments. The results show in our hair. 

Hair dyes will of course fool people but of course, they do nothing to return the person to a place of health by fixing the root cause, which is what the team at Upgraded Formulas, and I are so passionately committed to. 

Live Optimally, 

Barton Scott, Founder, ChemE, HTMA expert, and Nutritionist 




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