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We've Upgraded Iron and You Don't Want To Miss This...

We've Upgraded Iron and You Don't Want To Miss This...

If you’ve ever been told by your doctor you have low iron or anemia and you’ve tried to support it with supplementation you’ve probably ran into symptoms like:

  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation
  • Bad quality control
  • Nausea
  • Terrible taste

But WHY?

The answer is simple.

Iron isn’t the problem. UNABSORBED iron is.

For an iron supplement to be properly absorbed it has to reach PAST your stomach.

But before it gets there, acids will try to break it down.

That’s when it becomes unabsorbed iron and YOU suffer the side effects of lazy supplement manufacturing…

Although unabsorbed iron is eliminated naturally when we go to the bathroom, it can wreak havoc before it leaves our system.

If you’ve been tearing your hair out trying to find a quality iron supplement… I’ve got GREAT news for you.

Today we’re proud to announce Upgraded Iron.

Just like the rest of our Upgraded supplements, Upgraded Iron is packed with our Stabilized Nano Minerals to aid absorption.

That means NO side effects…

Instead, you get to experience the increased energy, oxygenation, and resilience that comes along with properly balanced iron.

…And if you’re super low, you’ll probably feel better within MINUTES of taking it. :-)

Unlike most other supplements on the market our Stabilized Nano Mineral technology means 99.99% of every dose of Upgraded Iron can be absorbed without digestion. And that means quicker results.

If you haven’t ordered with us before you should know that we only use the highest quality minerals available that go through rigorous third party testing to ensure quality and purity.

On top of that, all of our Upgraded products (including this one) come with a 100-day “Every Penny Back” guarantee which is unheard of in the supplement space.

I’m able to make this crazy guarantee because my top priority is to making sure
you’re completely satisfied, and getting results.

If for any reason you’re not happy with Upgraded Iron, just shoot me an email within those 100 days, and I’ll personally put every penny back in your hand.

Click HERE to get first access to Upgraded Iron, and be eligible for up to 34% OFF while stock lasts.

Rooting for your health,

Barton Scott,
Chemical Engineer and Nutritionist
Founder of Upgraded Formulas

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