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How To Live Longer and Better By Understanding Your Personal Nutrition Map

How To Live Longer and Better By Understanding Your Personal Nutrition Map

So, to live longer by understanding your personal nutrition map. How do we do this?

Well, what we mean by nutrition map is, in this case, a hair analysis.

We use a hair analysis because it has shown to be more effective than blood testing, urine testing, stool testing, and the like.

The reason I like it is because as a nutritionist, I can see a huge number of important minerals that all interact with each other, along with a large number of heavy metals.

All of these constitute a person's elemental makeup, and they allow for us to understand what needs to be adjusted for a person to live a longer, healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

How's that? Well, to make energy and detox efficiently, the body's cells need the precise nutrition that comes with identifying where you are starting and where you need to go, developing a great plan during the consultation, and then utilizing our incredible technology for mineral absorption that gets these nutrients consumed and absorbed in the right ratios. 

So, if that makes sense, the next question, is how do you get started?

To get started, it's important that you first order a hair analysis from our website or from anywhere else you can find a reputable hair analysis that goes through the scientific rigor and strict testing methods that ours do.

Be warned, not all do. The second step is to get a consultation, and a consultation will allow you to gain a new perspective on not only what the numbers mean, but what isn't on the page and focus your efforts into five or so key areas that allow you to take action without being overwhelmed.

This is really key, since many individuals are already anxious and stressed when they come to us, and the first thing we want to do is lessen that burden by providing CLEAR perspective, homework. So, we keep things as simple as possible.

The next step is taking the right foods and right supplements that you need. This allows you to gather the right nutritional elements, the better absorb the building blocks of food, to produce the correct hormones, the correct neurotransmitters, and ultimately, the correct mood and states of feeling and being that we want to achieve.


Barton Scott, Founder,

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