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Fasting Versus Counting Calories?

Fasting Versus Counting Calories?

So this fasting versus counting calories idea, Right?

Fasting is a beautiful approach because it actually saves you time. And yet there are some things you want to know.

Fasting can wreck your hormones if you do it wrong. It's true. And it's true that there're some differences for men and for women and for people that are very lean and very, very lean and people that certainly have some extra fat to lose.

And then on the extreme end, people that have enough fat too fast for a very long time. So these are some different approaches to consider. Intermittent fasting, long-term fasting, which should be done with supervision, with a nutritionist and taken certainly with key minerals to support glandular function while fasting.

The thing to mention with counting calories is that it is important to do for a while just so you have an idea of what can be a nebulous concept for many people.

And that idea is how many calories, how many grams of protein, how many grams of fat should I be consuming on a given day and throughout my week based on my goals and based on how much fat I have to lose and how much muscle I want to gain?

And then thinking in terms of energy that you want to create in your body. So for example, under eating is a terrible idea and counting calories and eating really, really small meals for a long time can also wreck your hormones in a way that fasting just won't, if you're truly listening to your body.

So in summary, I would say that counting calories can be done for a week. And at that point you know what four or six ounces of a certain protein basically costs you to eat.

You begin understand how much fiber and how many carbs are in broccoli or asparagus, or zucchini

Becoming a label reader is certainly something people want to do and becoming an ingredient specialist is something people want to work to.

By doing this calorie approach for a short time while intermittent and fasting over the longterm with days where you purposely are not intermittent fasting is a phenomenal approach to longevity, optimization, and well-being - both mental and physical - and even spiritually as well since it's all connected, isn't it?

Live Optimally, 

Barton Scott, Founder, Upgraded Formulas

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