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What's Included In The Hair Test Kit?

- Step by Step Instructions

- Hair Collection Envelope

- Quick Questionnaire

- Prepaid Shipping Label

- 100% Recycled Shipper

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At-Home Hair Test Kit. Say goodbye to painful blood draws. Our test results provide exactly what your body needs to optimize your health.

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- Fast. Accurate. Actionable.

- Key Mineral Status

- Heavy Metal Toxicity Levels

- Current State of Metabolism

- Consultation from Certified Professionals

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Solving All Your Health Problems: How Nutrition Becomes Habit and Personality and What To Do About It

The Missing Foundational Piece to Your Health

Blog posts

Can Iron Feed Parasites?

Anemia or low iron might seem puzzling if you eat right or take iron supplements. But guess what? Sometimes, tiny creatures called parasites are the actual troublemakers. Imagine having uninvited guests who just take and never give back! That's what parasites do. They live in or on another living thing and take their food, space, or, in this case, iron without helping out in return. Some are tiny bugs you can't see without a microscope, while others might be giant worms. These parasites can travel into our bodies and cause many problems, making us feel sick or tired because they use our essential nutrients like iron, specifically hemoglobin.

Can Zinc Be Protective Against H.Pylori?

There's a tiny world of different living things deep inside our stomachs. One of these, Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori for short, may be small but can cause big problems. H. pylori is a germ that can hurt your stomach and cause other problems. Doctors and scientists are very interested in it because it's not just a common stomach bug; it can make some people sick.

Can Copper Help To Increase Women's Libido?

Ladies, we all understand the uncomfortable feeling of vaginal dryness when we are dry "down there." Although creams and lotions can offer some relief, it might be a good idea to explore the underlying causes of this issue to address why this is happening in the first place. Sometimes, experiencing a low sex drive can be due to a variety of factors. But let's delve into some critical reasons affecting sexual desire first before jumping into any solutions.
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