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Introducing our Upgraded Detox + Debloat formula, a powerful and natural solution designed to rejuvenate your body from within.

We've carefully crafted this unique blend with a combination of detoxifying ingredients, including our Nano sized and stabilized version of zeolite clinoptilolite, activated carbon, activated charcoal, bamboo silica, fulvic acid, and humic acid, to help you experience a revitalized sense of well-being.

Say goodbye to bloating, fatigue, and the burden of accumulated toxins, and say hello to a lighter, more energetic you.

With Detox + Debloat, you can embark on a journey towards improved digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption, and overall wellness.

One of the main active ingredients in this amazing formula is activated charcoal and the reason we use it is because it has the capacity to bind to toxins such as heavy metals, as well as food poisoning and pathogens. To learn more about how charcoal can help, click here 

Discover the secret to feeling your best and start your detoxification journey today!

Our Upgraded Detox + Debloat At A Glance…

  • Packed with Stabilized nano minerals to aid absorption
  • 100% natural, keto, and vegan
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Percentage of profits go to Charity:Water

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Powerful Detoxification: Our Upgraded Detox + Debloat formula combines our Nano sized and stabilized version of zeolite clinoptilolite, activated carbon, and activated charcoal to effectively bind and remove toxins, heavy metals, and impurities from your body. This product provides multiple particle sizes to act as substrates which provide a Swiss army knife-effect of pulling various heavy metals out of the body with ease.

Natural Digestive Aid: Bamboo silica helps support healthy digestion by promoting the balance of gut bacteria and assisting in the absorption of essential nutrients.

Reduces Bloating:
Say goodbye to uncomfortable bloating with our specially formulated blend. One of the main active ingredients in this amazing formula is activated charcoal and the reason we use it is because it has the capacity to bind to toxins such as heavy metals, as well as food poisoning and pathogens. To learn more about how charcoal can help, click here. Activated charcoal helps alleviate gas and bloating, leaving you feeling lighter and more comfortable.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption:
Fulvic acid and humic acid work together to improve nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, ensuring that your body gets the most out of the food and supplements you consume.

Improved Skin Health:
Detoxification from within can lead to clearer, more radiant skin as impurities are removed, reducing the likelihood of breakouts and skin issues.

Supports Weight Management:
By aiding in the removal of excess waste and toxins, our Upgraded Detox + Debloat product can contribute to a more efficient metabolism and potentially assist in weight management efforts.

Boosts Energy Levels:
Eliminating toxins and supporting nutrient absorption can lead to increased energy levels, helping you feel more vibrant and alert throughout the day.

Gentle and Natural:
Our formula is gentle on your digestive system and made from natural ingredients, making it a safe and effective addition to your daily wellness routine.

Balances Gut Health:
The combination of ingredients in Upgraded Detox + Debloat helps promote a healthy gut microbiome, which is crucial for overall well-being and immune system support.

Promotes Overall Wellness:
Regular use of our product can contribute to improved overall health and vitality by reducing the burden of accumulated toxins in your body.

Easy to Incorporate:
Upgraded Detox + Debloat can be easily integrated into your daily routine, whether you prefer to mix it into a beverage or take it in capsule form.

How to Take: Very good to take before before during or after alcohol consumption, flying on air planes, and if you ingest too much coffee and feel jitters.

Trusted Quality: Our product is manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring purity and effectiveness, so you can trust that you're getting a premium detox and debloating solution.

Get Upgraded Detox + Debloat today!



100% NATURAL, ORGANIC, KETO, AND VEGAN FRIENDLY: Free from artificial flavors, fillers, colors, and stabilizers, our Upgraded Detox + Debloat is absolutely organic and just as mother nature intended. Our Upgraded Detox + Debloat provides what you need, safely and reliably. 

HUMANITY BACKED GUARANTEE: Our products are fully protected by our 100 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll offer a prompt and courteous refund. Every purchase you make also provides clean, sustainable water to millions through Charity:Water. Not only are you improving your life, but others too.


Q: How do I take Upgraded Detox + Debloat (with Stabilized Nano Minerals)?

A: We recommend drinking 8-16 oz. of water when taking our Upgraded Detox + Debloat capsules. If you feel any discomfort, you can take it prior to a meal. 

Q: Can I take this supplement on an empty stomach?

A: YES. Our capsule product should be taken with a full glass of water per capsule an hour before bed or whenever you need help relaxing or feel overwhelmed. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Pamela J.
United States United States

Instant relief! I LOVE IT

I started taking this product a few days ago, and boy was I skeptical. There's so many supplements out there that promise less bloating. But THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. I swear, within and hour my bloating was being flushed out from my lower tummy. And it stayed that way! I went ahead and bought 3 more bottles just to have extra and give to my friends!! 10/10 would recommend! Thank you so so much Barton and Upgraded Formulas.


Upgraded Formulas

Hello Pamela, Thank you for leaving a review! So happy that you love it; we love it too! :)

David M.
United States United States

Works well

Was grateful to receive a few bottles during preorder and I’ve noticed that while my detox of heavy metals is being supported I’m also surprisingly sleeping better too. From what I’ve read a load of heavy metals can keep the body from deeply resting at night. My bathroom visits are normal yet it seems as though I’m expelling more junk from my system which also feels good.


Upgraded Formulas

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review David! We appreciate you! :)

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