Women's Hormone Health Bundle - Save and Get More Out of Life


  • Our Liquid Nano Magnesium – Helps with balancing melatonin and over 700 over operations in the body. It also has been shown to help reduce the severity of PMS symptoms. 
  • Our Liquid Nano Iodine – Helps with energy, metabolism support, anti-viral support, and feeling cold, even in summer, by supporting the thyroid gland with the key mineral it needs most. 
  • Our Liquid Nano Zinc – Helps with balancing hormones in multiple ways. It helps with synthesis of thyroid hormone and activation of thyroid hormone, helps to regulate cortisol spikes which makes you less likely to store fat. Zinc helps to relieve period pain and regulates cycles though regulating cycles can often take 3-4 cycles.
  • Bonus: Our Nano Zinc helps with collagen integrity, thus reducing thyroid related hair loss, Our Nano Magnesium helps with Headaches, and Our Nano Iodine is great for detox support. 

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