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Upgraded Adrenal Support Bundle

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Upgraded Adrenal Support Bundle

Unique Proprietary Absorption Method
99.99% Absorption Rate
Maximum Bioavailability

This bundles includes our Upgraded Magnesium 60 count capsules and our 4 oz. bottle of Upgraded Potassium.

Upgraded Formulas Nano Magnesium Promotes Relaxation, Better Focus, And More Restorative All-Night Sleep...

Unlike most herbal sleep aids, Upgraded Magnesium is a pure dose of Magnesium that helps you relax your muscles, quiet your mind, and fall asleep faster...

Upgraded Formulas Nano Magnesium benefits include:

  • Falling Asleep Faster And Staying Asleep Longer
  • Better Focus Throughout The Day
  • Helps To Calm A Busy Mind
  • Wake Up More Refreshed And Energized
  • Better Sleep Quality (customers who track sleep report a rise in deep sleep)*
  • Insulin Sensitivity*
  • Muscle Recovery*
  • Cognitive Function*
  • Protein Absorption and Energy*
  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis Support*
  • Higher Melatonin Production For Deep Sleep*
  • Absorption of Calcium, Potassium, and other Minerals*
  • Strengthens Your Natural Sleep Cycle For More Restorative Sleep
  • 100% Non-habit Forming
  • Safe For Daily Use
  • Stabilized Nano Mineral Capsules For Both Quick And Sustained Release Doses
  • No Drugs! Absolutely No Diphenhydramine, Sedatives, Or Toxic Chemicals!


    Why Do You Need Upgraded Formulas Magnesium?

    Stress… Too much stress can:

    Distract us from what we care about and our daily activities (Ever feel like you have 100 thoughts racing through your mind?)

    Make us irritable (Ever overreact to a loved one, friend, coworker?)

    Cause us to worry unnecessarily or excessively (Ever felt so wrapped up or drained by one concern you can’t focus or be happy?)

    Make us constantly feel overwhelmed and burned out (Ever feel anxious about all that’s on your plate?)

    Make us feel helpless and alone (Ever have so much to do you don’t even know where to start?)

    Steal our daily motivation (Ever feel like all your energy has been sucked out?)

    Lead us to poor food choices and eating habits (Ever find yourself reaching for “comfort” foods that are really bad for you?)

    Result in bad decisions (Ever regret a choice you made when you were stressed out and frustrated?)

    Make it hard to wind down (Ever find yourself reaching for an adult beverage at night?)

    Keep us from a good night’s sleep (Ever lay in bed feeling “tired yet wired” because you have a hard time winding down at night?)

    If you’re feeling stressed… you’re not alone.

    Simply put, stress is bad for you… It shortens your life span and reduces your life satisfaction...

    We’re constantly being bombarded with things that can add to our load of worries:

  • Work
  • Money
  • Family
  • Health-related concerns
  • Violence and crime

    Just to name a few… Of course, chronic stress can be downright dangerous. It can interfere with your ability to live a normal life, make you feel tired (but ironically, keep you from getting a good night’s rest), affect concentration, makes you feel irritable, and over time, damage your physical health. 

    If only there were something you could do…

    Sure, setting boundaries, practicing yoga, meditating, taking a walk, deep breathing exercises, practicing gratitude, and exercise are all helpful when it comes to stress management. But what if there were another overlooked (albeit mission-critical) piece of the puzzle?

    While there’s no single solution to calm the mind, body, and nerves, there’s one common denominator that’s under appreciated and overestimated: Magnesium.

    Unfortunately, most people aren’t getting nearly enough of this essential mineral. Magnesium is mission-critical to supporting a healthy stress response, physical and mental relaxation, calmness, and restful sleep (to name just a few).

    75-85 % of people don’t get enough magnesium in their diets. (For women, that’s 320 mg per day, and for men, that’s 400 mg per day.)

    Non-optimal Magnesium levels Could Result From:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Low-Carb Diets
  • Mineral-Depleted Soil
  • “Anti-Nutrients” That Block Nutrient Absorption
  • Excess Calcium Or Sodium Intake
  • Digestive-Related Issues
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Caffeine Intake
  • Stress
  • Getting Older
  • Certain Medications

    Simply put, a very large number of people are suffering from Magnesium deficiency, which is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being.

    What are the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency?

    Magnesium is an essential player in bone metabolism, nerve transmission, heart function, neuromuscular conduction, muscular transmission, vasomotor tone, blood pressure, and blood glucose metabolism.

    Magnesium is intimately involved in how you look, feel, and move. Magnesium is critical to feeling energetic, achieving peak mental and physical performance, and looking young and vibrant.

    Most Common Signs of Magnesium Deficiency:

  • Poor Appetite Management
  • Feeling Queasy or Nauseous
  • Feeling Tired or Lacking Energy
  • Feeling Tingling In Hands, Feet, Fingers, Or Toes
  • Headaches

    Studies report that upwards of 75-85% of folks don’t get enough Magnesium in their diets. When you consider that there are other factors that further deplete Magnesium or increase Magnesium needs (such as exercise and excess Calcium intake), it’s likely that an even larger chunk of people are suffering from a suboptimal Magnesium status. This is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being. 

    Upgraded Potassium 

    Unlike most Potassium supplements, Upgraded Nano Potassium is a pure dose of Potassium that helps promote stronger bones, muscles, reduces stress, and gives your immune system the BOOST it needs.

    Because our potassium is produced in an FDA inspected facility the max dose per serving we can show is 99 mg per serving.

    A true recommended dose is determined during a consultation which you may purchase with your hair analysis here on website.

    Upgraded Formulas Nano Potassium benefits include: 

  • Balanced Electrolytes
  • Better Muscle Retraction And Recovery
  • Bone Health And Osteoporosis Support*
  • Prevent Adrenal Fatigue*
  • Absorption Of Calcium, Potassium, And Other Minerals*
  • Regulate Your Heart And Blood Pressure

  • What are the Signs of Potassium Deficiency?

    Potassium is needed to maintain good health.

    Although a balanced diet usually supplies all the potassium a person needs, Potassium supplements may be needed by those who do not have enough Potassium in their regular diet or have lost too much Potassium because of illness or treatment with certain medicines.

    Potassium plays a necessary role in a variety of processes in the body. It is involved in muscle contractions, heart function, and managing water balance.

    Most common signs of Potassium deficiency:

  • Muscle Weakness
  • Irregular Heartbeats 
  • Mood Shifts And Changes
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • High Blood Pressure

    A diet rich in potassium is associated with a lower risk of high blood pressure, kidney stones, and osteoporosis, among other benefits This is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being.

    Your daily potassium needs can depend on a variety of factors, including your health status, activity level, and ethnicity.

    Even though there isn’t an RDI for potassium, organizations around the world have recommended consuming at least 3,500 mg per day through food. Only 2% of people get the daily recommended amount of potassium.

    Potassium may be one of the most important minerals we can take. However, most Americans don't get enough in their diet. In today's world, we get fewer minerals in our diet because of reduced levels in the soil, inefficiencies in the food chain, and overconsumption of processed food.

    Our Upgraded Nano Potassium Supports*:

    • Decreasing Cramps
    • Better Digestion
    • Improved Muscle Health
    • Increased Bone Strength
    • Improved Mood
    • Optimize Adrenal Support
    • Lessen Weakness and Fatigue

    Our Upgraded Adrenal Support Bundle At A Glance…

    ✔ Packed with Stabilized Nano minerals to aid absorption

    ✔ Does not need to be digested to be absorbed

    ✔ 100% natural, keto, and vegan

    ✔ High-quality magnesium to provide all you need in a day

    ✔ Percentage of profits go to Charity:Water

    FAST-ACTING RELIEF AND RESULTS: Every other mineral supplement available is too large to be absorbed and used in the body. Not only that but most companies use inferior quality minerals with nasty fillers and artificial flavorings. Every serving of our Upgraded Formulas products have been optimized to be absorbed and provide faster-acting results so you have all-day energy without the crash, get more nutrients from the foods you eat, and balance your hormones.

    SAME DOSE BUT BETTER RESULTS: Our mineral supplements are packed with our proprietary Nano Particle Minerals that are absorbed at a higher rate and come from a higher quality mineral which delivers better results.

    STABILIZED NANO MINERALS: The stabilized Nano Particle Mineral technology means that you will absorb 99.99% of our Upgraded Formulas products. Even at smaller doses our products are more effective than higher doses of other minerals on the market due to how well it is absorbed.

    100 % NATURAL, ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, KETO & VEGAN FRIENDLY: This product is designed for the person who’s health-conscious and tired of all the nasty fillers, artificial flavors, and stabilizers that so many companies use and sell. Our Upgraded Formulas products are as close to mother nature as you can get. We’ve even taken that same all-natural stance with the bottles we use at Upgraded too. We only use recyclable bottles without harsh chemicals so your health is protected by what's in the bottle and by the bottle we use itself too.

    100 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products come with a 100-day money-back guarantee on them because we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your product. If you’re not, just shoot us an email and we’ll make sure every penny is sent back to you as soon as possible.

    GIVING BACK TO A CHARITY: Every purchase you make with Upgraded allows us to donate a portion of that money to Charity:Water which provides clean and sustainable water to millions of people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water on a daily basis.

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