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This is an 8 month dedication package where one will receive 2 free HTMA tests to run on themselves, and if required after the first consult, other tests can be ordered, giving us a month to start with foundational work such as nutrition and lifestyle management. This is when the nutrition, exercise and lifestyle protocols will be administered.

One will have access to Barbara 24/7 through email as well as bi weekly check ins to see how one is fairing through any of the protocols, check in with progressions, and if any modifications must be made. Protocols are subject to change after each HTMA test run.

What's Included

  • 2 free HTMA
  • Email/text 24/7 access to me
  • Bi weekly calls and check ins
  • Nutrition protocol
  • Supplement protocol x2
  • Lifestyle protocol
  • Exercise protocol
  • Access to other functional labs including GI Map, DUTCH, Mycotoxin test, as needed. *Not included in price

Meet Your Coach Barbara Madimenos

Barbara helps educate you on optimizing metabolic function and how to reach optimal health through mineral balancing, nutrition and lifestyle practices.

She has a degree in Communications with a specialty in Journalism from the University of Phoenix, a certification in integrative nutrition by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, functional diagnostic testing by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and has done several mentorships and courses on hair tissue testing, helping over thousands of people to date.

Her passion for health and wanting to provide people the tools to help themselves all started with her own journey in battling with a 20 year long eating disorder which caused a series of endocrine issues such as amenorrhea, hypothyroidism, metabolic dysfunction, severe depression and anxiety, as well as a diagnosis of osteoporosis at the ripe age of 25.

In trying to rummage through the allopathic system that ceased to support her appropriately and offer guidance on how she can heal, she continued to hit a dead end with only pill recommendations and being told “everything was fine”.

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