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Our Upgraded Hydration bundle includes our:

  1. 30 count Upgraded Magnesium capsules
  2. Upgraded Zinc
  3. Upgraded Potassium

    Our Upgraded Bundle Supports*:

    • Digestion
    • Stress Relief
    • Deep Sleep (Customers Report Deeper REM sleep) 
    • Immune Support
    • Weakness and Fatigue
    • Adrenal Fatigue
    • Balanced Hormones
    • Improved Memory
    • Hydration


    Magnesium is a rich macromineral that is essential to a full, abundant, and energetic life. Aiding in memory retention, sleep, focus, stress management, and even muscle recovery.

    But this vital mineral is slowly being lost through processed food manufacturing and efforts to artificially extend food shelf life…

    Without adequate magnesium, your mind starts to fog, it becomes hard to focus, and stress can get to you easily. Worst of all your sleep will be restless and light, leading to constant fatigue and tiredness.


    Upgraded Formulas Nano Zinc Supports your Immune Systems, Recovery, Optimizes Hormone Levels, And Reduces Inflammation*...

    Unlike most Zinc supplements, Upgraded Nano Zinc is a pure dose that helps you recover faster, balances hormones, and gives your immune system a BOOST...

    Upgraded Formulas Nano Zinc benefits include: 

    • Strong Immune System
    • Optimal Hormone Levels
    • Reduced Inflammation*
    • Faster Wound Recovery
    • Prevention Of Adrenal Fatigue*
    • Absorption Of Calcium, Zinc, And Other Minerals*
    • Wake Up More Refreshed And Energized
    • 100% Non-Habit Forming
    • Safe For Daily Use

    Simply put, a very large number of people are suffering from Zinc deficiency, which is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being.


    Upgraded Formulas Nano Potassium Supports your Adrenal And Immune Systems, Strong Muscles, Electrolyte Balance, And Bone Health...

    Unlike most Potassium supplements, Upgraded Nano Potassium is a pure dose of Potassium that helps promote stronger bones, muscles, reduces stress, and gives your immune system the BOOST it needs.

    Because our potassium is produced in an FDA-inspected facility the max dose per serving we can show is 99 mg per serving.

    A true recommended dose is determined during a consultation which you may purchase with your hair analysis here on website.

    Upgraded Formulas Nano Potassium benefits include: 

    • Balanced Electrolytes
    • Better Muscle Retraction And Recovery
    • Bone Health And Osteoporosis Support*
    • Prevent Adrenal Fatigue*
    • Absorption Of Calcium, Potassium, And Other Minerals*
    • Regulate Your Heart And Blood Pressure

    So, regarding the supplements you’re currently taking, where does the problem lie?
    Most supplements only absorb in the body at a rate of 4-20%.

    This is because the mineral particles are too big for your cells to use.

    We solved this problem by creating a proprietary Nano Particle Technology…

    This shrinks the particles of minerals so they can be absorbed at a rate of 99.99%.

    Not only that, due to the small particle size of Upgraded Minerals…

    They don’t need to be digested and can be absorbed in seconds.

    Upgraded Hydration Bundle

    The best absorbing immune supplement available with maximum bioavailability and measurable absorption


     Our Upgraded Hydration Bundle At A Glance…

    • Packed with Stabilized Nano minerals to aid absorption
    • Does not need to be digested to be absorbed
    • 100% natural, keto, and vegan
    • High-quality magnesium to provide all you need in a day
    • Percentage of profits go to Charity:Water

    FAST-ACTING RELIEF AND RESULTS: Every other mineral supplement available is too large to be absorbed and used in the body. Not only that but most companies use inferior quality minerals with nasty fillers and artificial flavorings. Every serving of our Upgraded Formulas products have been optimized to be absorbed and provide faster-acting results so you have all-day energy without the crash, get more nutrients from the foods you eat, and balance your hormones.

    SAME DOSE BUT BETTER RESULTS: Our mineral supplements are packed with our proprietary Nano Particle Minerals that are absorbed at a higher rate and come from a higher quality mineral which delivers better results.

    STABILIZED NANO MINERALS: The stabilized Nano Particle Mineral technology means that you will absorb 99.99% of our Upgraded Formulas products. Even at smaller doses our products are more effective than higher doses of other minerals on the market due to how well it is absorbed.

    100 % NATURAL, ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, KETO & VEGAN FRIENDLY: This product is designed for the person who’s health-conscious and tired of all the nasty fillers, artificial flavors, and stabilizers that so many companies use and sell. Our Upgraded Formulas products are as close to mother nature as you can get. We’ve even taken that same all-natural stance with the bottles we use at Upgraded too. We only use recyclable bottles without harsh chemicals so your health is protected by what's in the bottle and by the bottle we use itself too.

    100 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products come with a 100-day money-back guarantee on them because we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your product. If you’re not, just shoot us an email and we’ll make sure every penny is sent back to you as soon as possible.

    GIVING BACK TO A CHARITY: Every purchase you make with Upgraded allows us to donate a portion of that money to Charity:Water which provides clean and sustainable water to millions of people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water on a daily basis.

    • SUGGESTED USE: Dilute each serving with a few ounces of water or enough for your flavor preference. You can also mix with your favorite beverages, smoothies, or shakes.
    • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Nano Potassium, Nano Magnesium, Nano Zinc
    • KEY ATTRIBUTES: Adrenal Support, Immune Support, Sleep, Stress Relief, and Electrolyte Balance
    • BEST USES: Morning, Afternoon, or Nighttime

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      Kenneth G.


      Love this mash up! I sweat so much my tee shirts weigh 10 lbs so yeah I needed this stuff! I mix both in water and swallow the capsule prior to keep me calm but focused during my workout.


      love the bundle

      I bought all of these individually before buying the bundle on subscribe and save and they all 3 just work so well. I have several health issues that have been holding me back but lately Im feeling lighter and freer and have more energy and have been snacking less too ( Upgraded Sugar Support).

      Joan w.

      Less cramps

      Less cramps in my legs and back - they prettyyy much have stopped completely.

      Tyler S.
      United States United States

      Love it!

      Best supplements I've found!

      United States United States

      Great value

      Great value. Very effective. Sweat a lot so I add this to my water bottle most days.

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