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Does It Matter What Type Of Magnesium We Take?

Does It Matter What Type Of Magnesium We Take?

You've heard of the whole list right?
Magnesium citrate is good for the bowels.
Magnesium glycinate is good for anxiety.
Magnesium threonate is good for the brain.
Magnesium orotate is good for the heart.
But at what point is magnesium JUST magnesium? Why do we need so many different forms and does it really matter?

Let me give you a different perspective. When you eat a food rich in magnesium, like pumpkin seeds, are you ingesting a certain form of magnesium or is it solely magnesium? It's just the mineral in its elemental form. 

When magnesium is isolated and out sourced from its natural source, typically, we need it to be bound to another molecule for it to be absorbed properly for certain utilizations in the body. Example, magnesium glycinate is magnesium bound to the amino acid glycine to help relax muscles. Without this binding process, we would not be able to utilize or absorb the nutrient properly.

This is when things get interesting with us.
Approximately 30% of ingested magnesium through food or water is absorbed by the intestine, although the extent of absorption depends on the body's magnesium status. It's not necessarily the type of magnesium. It's actually how well you're able to metabolize the nutrient, how much energy you have to activate certain enzymes to break down the food matter to synthesize the nutrient from the food, and then utilize it afterwards. 

Unfortunately, in today's world, we are bombarded with stressors that directly impede on our ability to do these essential steps in absorbing nutrients like magnesium. Things like the daily stressors in life like relationships, work, and finances can hinder it, EMFs, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, potential gut infections like H Pylori, parasites, or even just lack of sleep can hinder this. We can't get around the stress of our current planet, but it doesn't mean we have to accept poor health.

Cue in our Upgraded Magnesium! Due to the stabilized nano minerals we utilized to make all of our mineral products, you don't need to be hunting down a particular magnesium form to get a specific result. In fact, all you need is the Upgraded Magnesium because it will directly be absorbed and be utilized as the elemental mineral itself for every process magnesium is required for.

We have removed the "middle man" in a way and given you the pure product so as to not just get more worth out of the supplement, but also to get results faster. Most people have to stay on a supplement for months to see a difference because they're not even absorbing 20% of the pills they're popping. With us, you're absorbing 99% of it thus less time, faster results.

Hope this helped clear the air and provided a better understanding on as to why we recommend Upgraded Formulas for more than one condition! It's all due to the absorption! 

Barbara Madimenos
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Integrative Health Coach

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