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Peak Performance Breakthrough Session (Breakthrough Coaching)

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You are a highly-motivated, top-performing individual desiring laser-focused support to re-align you back to your power lane & zone of genius in just one breakthrough session. You’re depended upon by many in your personal & professional life & you’re desiring deeply supportive yet fast coaching support on one dominating problem/challenge in your life. You are clear on what your desired outcome/goal is on the other side of this problem, yet you’re seeking support on how to bridge the gap to your next up-level. You are highly self-disciplined & can integrate necessary action steps without needing/desiring long-term support & guidance to do so.


Get clear on the unconscious stories, blocks, & limiting beliefs that aren’t aligned with the clear vision you have for yourself & your future. We will create clear, precise action steps to bridge the gap between where you were prior to the coaching session to where you want to be. My style of coaching is direct, confrontational, collaborative & fun.


  • 45 min Discovery/Clarity Call ($75 non-refundable, applies towards coaching) prior to coaching session to get clear on what your biggest challenge is & what your goals are.
  • 1.5-2 hour laser-focused, breakthrough coaching session.
  • 1 20-minute virtual check-in & accountability call 1 week after the initial session.

Meet Your Coach Margaux Helmholz

Margaux Helmholz helps grow extraordinary people. She runs a leadership, mentorship & training business based out of Austin, TX, though she has served clients all over the world. Her clients have included 6-7 figure serial entrepreneurs, a former Olympic athlete & global leaders collectively serving clients in over 100 countries.

Margaux has trained & coached over 160 individuals through private mentorship, co-facilitated seminars & certification trainings, networking events, retreats, masterclasses & more. This also included co-leading a training at UC Irvine’s Paul Mirage School of Business (Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program). Margaux has a background & certifications in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, human behavior, psychology of thoughts, language, patterns of behavior & self-mastery modalities.

Margaux’s long-term vision is to be able to give back to organizations that are helping end child trafficking around the world. She’s also inspired by the mission of being able to provide self-mastery education & entrepreneurial opportunities to 1,000 high-school students. She has helped renovate a kindergarten school in Bali, Indonesia & has already begun self-mastery mentorship to high-school students.

She’s faced many challenges in life (& professionally) & has coached many people through life-changing experiences. Her past was a catalyst to be able to see in others, what she wished she could have seen within herself as she moved through tough times then…that you’re powerful beyond what you can comprehend. And if you can create results in your life that you don’t love, you can use the same amount of effort to re-focus on creating results that you truly desire.

As a forever student of life & human behavior, constantly perfecting her craft & enhancing her art, she has become obsessed with the path of creating an unconventional life. She believes that making the world better starts with learning to master yourself.

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