Upgraded Magnesium with Liquid Nano Minerals - Great for Sleep Support, Adrenal Health, Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet, and Smooth, Steady Focus, 16 oz


Upgraded Magnesium is a Liquid Magnesium made with Nano Minerals from Upgraded Formulas.

This is the best of what science has to offer. Upgraded Magnesium is the best absorbing magnesium supplement available. We optimize our magnesium chloride liquid on a nano level for maximal bioavailability. 

Magnesium Is Associated With Hundreds Of Bodily Functions, Including:

  • Melatonin Production For Sleep
  • Bone Health and Preventing Osteoporosis
  • Protein Absorption and Energy
  • Boosting Brain Functions 
  • Reducing Blood Pressure
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Absorption of Calcium, Potassium, and other Minerals

Magnesium may be one of the most important minerals we can take. However, most Americans don't even get enough in their diet! In today's world, we get fewer minerals in our diet because of reduced levels in the soil and through processed foods. Upgraded Formulas magnesium chloride may be used to support your diet and provide you with high-quality magnesium.

The Upgraded Formulas Quality Promise
Our products don’t have any flavors or artificial preservatives. Just pure, mineral goodness for your body and mind. We are so confident about our quality that we offer a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Take our 7 Day Challenge and see if you are satisfied with our products. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Our Belief And What We Stand For
When we optimize our body and brain, we are able to live our fullest, most Upgraded version of life.

The Focus and Mission Upgraded Formulas was founded to provide the most actionable testing insights, consultations that provide a clear roadmap to your goals, and high-quality supplements. We also support charitywater.org with the great work they do. 


Q: How do you take this nano liquid magnesium chloride?
Good question! Because our products are unflavored, there is a slight mineral taste. There are three ways:

  1. Dilute a few ounces in your favorite beverage
  2. Add to your water bottles and bring to your gym, yoga, hike, or other favorite activities
  3. Take it by itself. One of our team members does this! 

Q: What is nano magnesium chloride good for?
A: Our Nano magnesium chloride, is a highly bioavailable form of the mineral. Even in it's regular form also more soluble than other types, such as magnesium threonate, magnesium oxide, and magnesium citrate. Magnesium chloride and nano magnesium chloride support all tissues in the body, including the brain. No other form of magnesium can say this.

Q: Can I take this supplement on an empty stomach?
A: Yes, you can! We recommend you add Upgraded Magnesium and all of our other nano mineral formulas to a a few ounces of water, however since we do not add flavorings because they can be harmful and certainly interfere with top-tier absorption, which means with our products you get to keep more of what you pay for.


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