• Integrative Nutrition Consultation For Goal Setting

Integrative Nutrition Consultation For Goal Setting


      • If you're not purchasing a hair analysis today to discover how to optimize your mineral levels and reduce your heavy metals, but you still want to get more out of life, here is the place to book the virtual phone appointment with our founder, Barton or another nutritionist after you add this to cart and checkout.
      • What is an integrative nutritional conversation and what does it look like and include?
    • Everyone has different goals so it's important to start here - in other words - Do you want to: Lose 30 lbs? Put on muscle more easily? Recover from chronic conditions? 
    • Once we establish goals the session begins so BE READY TO TAKE NOTES!
    • While working with one of our nutritionists a roadmap will be established to lead you to establish a regimen THAT ACTUALLY WORKS
    • TO WIN WE MUST PREPARE: BRING YOUR QUESTIONS - Prepare prior to the call with a list of KEY QUESTIONS

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