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Upgraded Formulas Nano Bonestrong Calcium Supports Healthy Growth of Hair and Skin, Promotes Strong Joints and Bones, Reduces Aches and Pains to Help You Sleep Better At Night...*

Unlike most calcium supplements, Upgraded Nano Bonestrong Calcium is intentionally designed to help you keep your hair, skin, and nails looking and feeling great while strengthening your joints and bones so you can live life on your terms WITHOUT as many aches and pains...

Upgraded Formulas Nano Bonestrong benefits include: 

  • Fall Asleep Faster And Stay Asleep Longer
  • Better Focus Throughout The Day
  • Faster Muscle Recovery*
  • Protein Absorption and Energy*
  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis Support*
  • Higher Melatonin Production For Deep Sleep*
  • Absorption of Calcium, Potassium, and other Minerals*
  • Reduced Inflammation*
  • Wake Up More Refreshed And Energized
  • 100% Non-Habit Forming
  • Safe For Daily Use
  • Nano Mineral Capsules For Both Quick And Sustained Release Doses
  • No Drugs, Sedatives, Or Toxic Chemicals!

    Why Do You Need Upgraded Formulas Bonestrong?


    Stress on your body and mind… Too much stress can:
    Distract us from what we care about and our daily activities (Ever feel like you have 100 thoughts racing through your mind?)

    Make us irritable (Ever overreact to a loved one, friend, coworker?)

    Cause us to worry unnecessarily or excessively (Ever felt so wrapped up or drained by one concern you can’t focus or be happy?)

    Make us constantly feel overwhelmed and burned out (Ever feel anxious about all that’s on your plate?)

    Make us feel helpless and alone (Ever have so much to do you don’t even know where to start?)

    Steal our daily motivation (Ever feel like all your energy has been sucked out?)

    Lead us to poor food choices and eating habits (Ever find yourself reaching for “comfort” foods that are really bad for you?)

    Result in bad decisions (Ever regret a choice you made when you were stressed out and frustrated?)

    Make it hard to wind down (Ever find yourself reaching for an adult beverage at night?)

    Keep us from a good night’s sleep (Ever lay in bed feeling “tired yet wired” because you have a hard time winding down at night?)

    If you’re feeling stressed… you’re not alone.

    Simply put, stress is bad for you… It shortens your life span and reduces your life satisfaction - and we’re constantly being bombarded with things that can add to our load of worries:

  • Work
  • Money
  • Family
  • Health-Related Concerns
  • Violence and Crime
  • Just to name a few… Of course, chronic stress can be downright dangerous. It can interfere with your ability to live a normal life, make you feel tired (but ironically, keep you from getting a good night’s rest), affect concentration, makes you feel irritable, and over time, damage your physical health. 

    If only there were something you could do…

    Sure, setting boundaries, practicing yoga, meditating, taking a walk, deep breathing exercises, practicing gratitude, and exercise are all helpful when it comes to stress management. But what if there were another overlooked (albeit mission-critical) piece of the puzzle?

    80%+ of people don’t have strong bones or joints. This is a result of:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Low-Carb Diets
  • Mineral-Depleted Soil
  • “Anti-Nutrients” That Block Nutrient Absorption
  • Excess Calcium or Sodium intake
  • Digestive-Related Issues
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Caffeine Intake
  • Stress
  • Getting Older
  • Certain Medications

  • Simply put, a very large number of people are suffering from a poor joint and bone health, which is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being.

    What are the Signs of Poor Joint and Bone Health?

    Although a balanced diet sometimes supplies all the Boron, Calcium and Vitamin D a person needs, the majority of Americans have poor joint and bone health. Boron can aid in keeping your bones strong along with possibly improving brain function. Boron is known to play a role in extending the half-life of vitamin D and estrogen.

    Joint and bone supplements may be needed by those who do not have enough of these minerals in their regular diet or have lost too much because of illness or treatment with certain medicines.

    Most common signs of poor joint and bone health:

    • Aches and Pains
    • Poor Posture
    • Weakness and Fatigue
    • Difficulty Sleeping or Getting REM
    • Headaches
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Numbness or Tingling In The Hands And Feet
    • Poor Bone Growth or Skeletal Defects
    • Slow or Impaired Growth

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    • CLEAN PROFILE: Keto, Paleo, and Vegan-Friendly, Zero Calories, No Sugar, Sucralose, Gluten, or Soy

    • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR COLORS: We do not add flavors or colors, because it can reduce absorption. No alcohol or other additives.


    • SUGGESTED USE: Dilute each serving with a few ounces of water or enough for your flavor preference. Less is better for absorption. You can also mix with your favorite beverages, smoothies, or shakes.


    • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Nano Calcium, Nano Magnesium, and Nano Boron


    • KEY ATTRIBUTES: Strength, Growth, Hair, Skin, and Nails*


    • BEST USES: Morning, Afternoon, or Nighttime


    Upgraded Formulas Bonestrong may be one of the most important mineral blends we can take. Because it is a blend of Nano Calcium, Nano Magnesium, and Nano Boron

    Most Americans don't get nearly enough of these minerals in their diet. In today's world, we get fewer minerals in our diet because of reduced levels in the soil, inefficiencies in the food chain, and overconsumption of processed food.

    Our Upgraded Nano Bonestrong Supports*:

    • Improved Growth

    • Increased Strength

    • Calcium Deficiency Prevention

    • Better Hair, Skin, and Nails




      Upgraded Nano Bonestrong

      The best absorbing joint and bone supplement available with maximum bioavailability and measurable absorption.

      New Delivery System

      We created a new delivery system to increase the absorption of minerals up to 99.99%. Our minerals are the size of nanoparticles, small enough to bypass digestion, and absorb directly into your cells to optimize uptake. This is the best of what science has to offer. 

      Keto-Friendly: Going into ketosis causes your body to flush out liquids and salts. Your levels will drop within the first few weeks, causing major fatigue. Avoid the pain and issues with a rapid-absorbing liquid. 

      Fasting Protocols: The only way to keep your electrolyte fluid balance in check during fasting is to take your supplements. Upgraded Nano Bonestrong won't upset your stomach and will provide you with the precise minerals essential to your fluid balance. 




        Upgraded Quality Promise

        Our products don’t have any flavors, colors, or artificial preservatives, just pure, mineral goodness. We are so confident about our quality that we offer a 180-day money-back guarantee.

        Our Mission And What We Stand For

        We believe in doing what works. Upgraded Formulas was founded to provide the most actionable testing insights, consultations that provide a clear roadmap to your goals, and high-quality supplements available on earth

        As it turns out, when you optimize mind and body, living the fullest, most Upgraded version of life becomes not only possible, but an eventual reality for many people who consistently follow our program of testing and optimizing.

        We also support charitywater.org with the fantastic work they do through every purchase you make. 

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        Customer Reviews
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        Thank you

        Love this product!

        Linda M.
        Calm and clear

        My mind seems to be a calmer, more relaxed place to be when taking Bonestrong. The nano minerals must work because I have no problem with sleep anymore!! it is my sincere wish that you achieve similar results!! - Linda


        Since I have arthritis I have trouble finding a comfortable postion in bed. These nano ingredients are all calming so I settle in for sleep and feel less anxious during the day. Thanks!

        Lynn H.
        Strong but it works

        I didnt put this in water the first time so note, follow the directions, but I am sleeping better.

        Like it

        I think this is my new favorite product. After looking at my hair test my calcium and magnesium were both pretty low so I've been on this for a 6 weeks now and feel great.