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Black Friday Winners And A Big Thank You!

Black Friday Winners And A Big Thank You!

Black Friday has come and gone, but it doesn't mean that we're still not celebrating!

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who chose to shop with us this Black Friday season and a congratulations to our winners!

Winners of Getting Their Ordered 2x
Jamie Williamson
Diane Tody
Sheryl Fitzgerald
Lacy Bailey

Winners of Getting a $100 Gift Card
Barbara Appel
Andrew Williams
Joanne Corroto
Leah Block
Danielle Patterson
Katie Lorenzen
Sherryl Phillips
John Houston
Patricia Van Mark
Jennifer Ferrero

We would like to note it goes beyond helping us, but also helping others. As part of our mission here at Upgraded Formulas, we give back to Charity Water a non profit organization that provides clean drinking water to those that dont have access to it.

It's with your continued support that allows us to do this, so thank you for being part of our journey and mission.

We continue to strive to help each and everyone of you in wanting to understand your needs and how to optimize your health your mineral balancing.

So here's to upgrading your health!

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